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Bullion Department: sundry ledgers: Bullion Department 'Diary', 1904

000/717, 1 volume

Volume, 'Bullion Department Diary' for 1904. The volume is standard 'Lett's No.48 Rough Diary', with 2 days on each page. The diary has been completed giving details of deliveries of gold and silver made, recording the name of the recipient and the amount in sterling. Other sales are also recorded. It is unlcear whether this volume was part of a larger series of similar diairies; only this single volume has come to light and its provenance is unknown. 

Bullion Ledgers: Bullion delivered and received, 1819-1914

VII/14/0-30, 31 volumes

This series forms a record of all bullion delivered and received and the value thereof. There is a significant gap in the record, nothing having survived for the years between 1869 and 1889. In the early volumes, up to 1857, the form of the bullion, bar or coin, is recorded. Many of the transactions are with the Bank of England, Sharpe, Hill, and in later, indexed, volumes, from 1890, the names of Mocatta & Goldsmid and Matthey appear.

31 records available

Bullion Room Ledger [blank unused volume], n.d.

000/76, 1 volume

Unused Bullion Room ledger, indexed, but with blank pages.

Bullion Room Ledger: Bullion Room Notes, 1894-1907

000/363, 1 volume

One volume, inscribed ‘Bullion Room Notes’, covering the period September 1894-June 1907. The volume records:

  • parcels and stocks sent abroad by courier;
  • parcels and stocks receive from abroad;
  • boxes, parcels etc. received and delivered in Bullion Room;
  • sundry notes etc.
  • bills etc. paid by Cashier;
  • Porters' holiday money
  • sundry Porters' expenses

Bullion Room Ledger, silver & copper daily prices, 1916-1931

VII/105/1 (000/1703), 1 volume

Bullion Department ledger, ‘Silver & copper daily prices 1916-1931’. NMR ref VII/105/1.

Bullion Room Ledger, gold movements, 1925-1931

VII/112/1 (000/1702), 1 volume

Bullion Department ledger, ‘Record of gold movements to and from the Bank of England from the restoration of the gold standard, April 1925 to September 1931’. NMR ref VII/112/1.

Bullion Room Ledgers, refinable silver received and delivered, 1936-1949

VII/170/1-2 (000/2362), 2 volumes

Bullion Department ledger, Refinable silver received and delivered 1936-1948 (NMR ref VII/170/1); Bullion Department ledger, Refinable silver received and delivered 1948-1949.(NMR ref VII/170/2).