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Outgoing correspondence

Bullion Department, Copy Letters, 1890-1924

VII/17/0-23, 24 volumes

The letters in this series give a useful account of the work of the Royal Mint Refinery and cover the period of the acquisition by New Court of an interest in Rand Mines Ltd. Much of the correspondence signed on behalf of the firm acknowledges the receipt of bullion from foreign banks. Occasional letters from Charles Rothschild, the member of the family with special interest in the Refinery at the time, relate to mining interests in South Africa and Australia. Some of the letters discuss various refining methods. During the war period, the letter books begin to run concurrently. Volume 15 contains the same general range of letters as the preceding volumes in the series; volume 16 is confined to brief acknowledgements of sums received, including many from the Ministry of Munitions, and all emanating from the Refinery. Volume 17 is entirely concerned with war service and exemptions of Refinery staff. Volumes 22 and 23 contain copies of accounts of sales and are headed "Advices to Bank of England of Gold Sales."

24 records available