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Ancient Cheques, 1813-1899

VIII/62/1-23, 1 box

A selection of cheques was bundled up, probably at the time of the compilation of the Old Catalogue. They illustrate the range of bank signatories and record the names of the bondholders of the earliest NMR loans, such as the 1818 Prussian, 1822 Russian and 1822 Neapolitan. The earliest cheques are in the hand of Nathan Mayer Rothschild himself, but some cheques signed by his wife, Hannah, on his behalf have also survived. During Nathan's absence in Frankfurt in 1836, Hannah's brothers, Benjamin and Isaac Cohen signed on his behalf, and what is presumed to be the first cheque in the name of N. M. Rothschild & Sons (signed by Lionel) is present in the selection.

23 records available

Sundry cheques and receipts, 1832-1914

000/2068, 000/2250/5-12, 14, 13 items

A collection of cheques and receipts from the NMR Archive Department. These documents were removed from the Archive and framed for display at the New Court offices before the creation of the Archive and their provenance in the collection is now unknown. 

  • Cheque signed by N M Rothschild for payment of dividend on Prussian loan bonds, 1834;
  • Cheque signed by N M Rothschild for payment of dividend on Brazilian loan bonds, 1835;
  • Australian cheque, No 186 for £500, Melbourne Victoria, 26 May 1854 To William Beyfus. Messrs N M Rothschild & Sons London;
  • Cheque from M A Rothschild & Sohne, Frankfurt to the sister bank N M Rothschild & Sons, 1873;
  • Cheque for £100,00 to be paid at the Bank of England to N M Rothschild client, The Brazilian Treasury Delegation, 1886. 
  • Receipt for deposit by N M Rothschild & Sons at the Credite Founcier de France of 7597 francs to the account of Princess Yourievski, exiled widow of the assassinated Tzar Alexander II of Russia, 1888;
  • Receipt from N M Rothschild for payments to the editor of The Prussian State Gazette, 1832;
  • Receipt from N M Rothschild & Sons for payment into the account of the duc d’Orleans et Bourbon, 1914.
  • Payment order 1867, for annual subscription of £1 from N M Rothschild & Sons for the Journal ‘Archives Israelites’;
  • Receipt from de Rothschild Freres, Paris for payments from the sister bank N M Rothschild & Sons, 1867.

NMR specimen certificates of deposit, c.1995

000/2228, 1 folder

Specimen Certifcates of deposit (US dollars), N M Rothschild & Sons Limited.

Corporate credit cards issued by Rothschild, 2016-2018

000/2505, 5 items

Examples of expired Rothschild Corporate Credit cards. Some cards feature an image of the Rothschild family crest.