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Corporate gifts given

Corporate gifts produced by NMR for clients and commemorative items (many in the form of perspex 'tombstones') to mark business transactions.

NMR: corporate gifts given, 'Nicolson's London Guide', 1969

000/1140, 1 item

Nicolson's London Guide for 1969, pocket guide to attractions in the city, an edition for N M Rothschild & Sons, with a Rothschild 'five arrows' emblem on the front cover. It is believed that this edition was specially produced for N M Rothschild & Sons, as a corporate gift.

NMR: corporate gifts given, 'tombstones' and other mementos, 1982-2010

000/867, 000/854, 15 boxes

Commemorative memento items produced by NMR Corporate Affairs to mark particular deals, transactions and pieces of business. The practive was common in the 1980s and 1990s, but in the 21st century such occasions have been marked in other ways.

  • ‘Tombstones’[small desk trophies, usually in perspex] produced to mark the end of deals or pieces of business;
  • other commemorative items (silver notepad holder, novelty desk lamp etc.)
  • computer keyboard mouse pad, a promotional item listing translatlantic deals completed by NMR, c.1999.

List available

NMR: examples of coporate gifts given, c.1985-2000

000/426, 000/1871, 1 box

Examples of corporate gifts commissioned by NMR and given to clients and business associates, including catalogues of gifts, 1990 and 2000: 

  • Mendelsohn recording on CD;
  • golf balls and tees in dispenser with NMR 'five arrows' emblem;
  • silk scarf with an image of a rhododendron by Caroline de Rothschild;
  • glass trinket box with NMR 'five arrows' emblem;
  • miniature pill box with images of the Oppenheim miniatures of the Elector of Hesse entrusting and taking receipt of securities with Mayer Amschel Rothschild and his sons on front and inside lid; (2 examples)
  • small clock in box with NMR 'five arrows' emblem;
  • silver jotter pad with NMR 'five arrows' emblem;
  • silver tie clip with NMR 'five arrows' emblem;
  • silver pen holder with NMR 'five arrows' emblem;
  • silver desk note-holder with NMR 'five arrows' emblem;
  • silver lidded cigar holder with NMR 'five arrows' emblem;
  • small pocket calculator in the form of a book of matches, decorated with the five arrows emblem
  • desk pen with 'Rothschild' and five arrows emblem (pens such as these were provided in New Court meeting rooms for visitors);
  • umbrella with NMR 'five arrows' emblem;
  • pack of ladies' handbag pens with NMR 'five arrows' emblem;
  • Corkscrew with NMR five arrows emblem;
  • N M Rothschild & Sons, staff lapel badge, featuring the five arrows device and the letter 'R'.

NMR: corporate gifts given, 'Chartered and base metals', 1998

000/1263, 2 items

'Chartered and base metals, Francis Moore & Co. [London, 1929]: (a facsimile reprint by NM Rothschild & Sons, 1998). A limited edition of 150 copies reprinting the 1929 edition, including maps. The original volume describes the copper mining activity in Northern and Southern Rhodesia (now Zambia and Zimbabwe).  The reprint was commissioned in 1998 by NMR to commemorate the first stage of the privatisation of Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines Limited. In the course of this transaction, many of the ore bodies referred to in the volume, along with the metallurgical and power facilities serving them were returned to private sector ownership.

NMR: corporate gifts given, 'Five Arrows' emblem, 1999

000/679, 1 item

Impression of French five arrows encircled by coronet in plasticised material mounted in brown card frame and slip case. Possibly intended as a corporate gift, origins unknown. 

NMR: examples of coporate gifts given, paperweight presented to the Prime Minister of Australia, 2000

000/426, 1 item

Example of a corporate gifts commissioned by NMR: a glass paperweight presented to the Australian Prime Minister, John Howard and guests, at a lunch at New Court in his honour, 5 July 2000.

NMR: corporate gifts given, musical recordings, 2011

000/2070, 4 CDs

Music CDs created for Private Banking & Trust Marketing and client relations events containing recordings of music associated with the Rothschild family and recordings by the soprano  Ms Charlotte de Rothschild:

  • Chopin and the Rothschild Family;
  • Family Connections - Charlotte de Rothschild