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Marketing Materials

Marketing materials: publications, posters, booklets, brochures, advertisements, press releases and audio-visual material produced by NMR, Rothschild Group and Rothschild & Co. divisions and departments.

NMR Marketing Materials, artworks, 2000

000/843 and 000/1876, 1 box, 1 file

Set of Limited Edition prints, ten of each, of pencil sketches of twenty Rothschild directors as commissioned for use in the company annual reports, 2000. Portfolios of pencil sketched portraits of Baron Benjamin de Rothschild, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, Baron Eric de Rothschild, Baron David de Rothschild and Baron Edouard de Rothschild and other businessmen, commissioned by the business for marketing purposes.

NMR Marketing Materials, in-house films, 1987; 1989

000/517 and 000/1482, 2 VHS cassettes

Promotional NMR corporate video, Harmony, Integrity, Industry, 1987, outlining the history of the firm and the main areas of business; promotional NMR corporate video, Harmony, Integrity, Industry, 1989, outlining the history of the firm and main areas of business: Government loans, exchanges (including gold fix); asset management and corporate finance (rights issues, M&A).  Examples are given of particular deals undertaken by NMR in each category.

NMR Marketing Materials, in-house films, c.1995

000/1930 and 000/1931, 2 CD-Roms

Concordia DVD produced by Rothschild Corporate Affairs/Marketing, being a short history of N M Rothschild & Sons Limited c.1995; corporate company videos produced by Rothschild Corporate Affairs/Marketing, being short histories of N M Rothschild & Sons Limited c.1995.

NMR Marketing Materials, external films, 1999

000/1483, 1 VHS cassette

Video 'The Role of the Investment Bank in Commercialisation of State Industries in Europe', 1999. This 16 minute video produced by CCTV (China Central Television) (in Chinese) includes interviews with Sir Evelyn de Rothschild (dubbed and subtitled) in which he talks about privatisation especially the privatisation of British Rail.

NMR marketing materials, external films, 2005

000/2519/2, 1 DVD

DVD labelled in manuscript "Bloomberg, UK and French television", featuring interviews with Baron David de Rothschild, 22 April 2005.

NMR Marketing Materials, commercials, 1986-1991

000/1083, 11 VHS cassette tapes

Commercials and promotional films for flotations and buyouts with which NMR Rothschild & Sons were involved: Woolworth Holdings PLC; Iceland offer for Bejam c.1988; British Airports Authority; Thames Television; TSB c.1986; British Gas, 1986; British Telecom television advertisements 1991.

NMR Marketing Materials, posters and advertisements, 1985-2005

000/1292, 16 items

Collection of posters produced by NMR and its companies as publicity material:

  • Welbeck Finance plc Acceptance Credit Facility, managed by N M Rothschild & Sons Limited, January 1985
  • Government of Bermuda Tender Panel and Linked Committed Facility by N M Rothschild & Sons Limited, May 1987
  • Combined Lease Finance plc Multiple Option Facility by N M Rothschild & Sons Limited, August 1987
  • Tamar Mortgage Company No 21 Ltd Syndicated Loan Facility, agent N M Rothschild & Sons Limited, May 1988
  • European offering of the English Water Companies by N M Rothschild & Sons Limited (and others), December 1989
  • Sale of SWEB (South Western Electricity plc by N M Rothschild & Sons Limited, 'It's not just electricity we deliver' mounted poster, c.1990
  • Sale of SWEB (South Western Electricity plc by N M Rothschild & Sons Limited
  • 'No wonder he needs binoculars!' mounted poster, c.1990
  • Sale of SWEB (South Western Electricity plc by N M Rothschild & Sons Limited
  • 'Our latest precision equipment?' mounted poster, c.1990
  • Privatisation of Hungarian Regional Gas Distribution Companies, January 1996
  • Canada's 1996 "Equity Deal of the Year" (ABN AMRO Rothschild), 1997
  • Five Arrows Global Investment Funds advert (Rothschild Asset Management), c,1998
  • Five Arrows Private Portfolio Service advert (Rothschild Asset Management), c.1998
  • Five Arrows International Money Funds advert (Rothschild Asset Management), c.1998
  • Hawthorn (British Telecommunications plc) offer for Esat Telecom Group plc (Rothschild Inc, NY), January 2000
  • Issue of SunAlliance Group plc Bonds, February 2008
  • framed 'Evening Standard' news-stand poster 'Man U Takeover', c.2005 referring to the ultimately successful attempt by the buisnessman Malcolm Glazer to acquire Manchester United Football Club; in 2005 he appointed Rothschild to advise on the bid.

NMR Marketing Materials, publications, c.1965

000/1206, 1 item

N M Rothschild & Sons, a short booklet describing the firm's business probably produced at the time of completion of the new building in 1965.

NMR Marketing Materials, publications, c.1990-1999

000/1834, 2 boxes

Prospectuses and Press releases for mergers and acquisitions on which NMR advised. 

NMR Marketing Materials, publications, 1991-1999

000/1845, 4 items

The Rothschild Group: Mining & Metals Industry, Natural Resources Group, October 1991;  The Measurement and Migration of Risk, seminar for Central Bank Governors, 8 June 1994; NM Rothschild & Sons, report on the Pros and Cons of EMU, 1997; The Internet: South Sea Bubble or Road to Riches? Presentation by Corporate Finance, 18 March 1999.

NMR Marketing Materials, publications, 1996-2012

000/2133, 1 file

NMR corporate brochures: Rothschild The Private Client marketing booklet, c.2001; Rothschild in India marketing materials produced 2012; Observations on G4s/ISS, January 2012; N M Rothschild & Sons corporate brochure, 1998, covering all activities of the business.

NMR Marketing Materials, publications, 2003

000/1226, 000/1227, 2 items

NMR leaflet entitled: Market risk advisory. NMR brochure entitled: Global debt delivery: debt capital markets.

NMR Marketing Materials, publications, c.2005

000/1575, 1 file

Promotional brochures: Investment Banking; N M Rothschild & Sons; Rothschilds.

NMR, Marketing Materials, publications, 2008

000/1996, 1 item

Promotional NMR brochure: Global Reach, Local Knowledge, a marketing brochure for Rothschild Business outlining core Rothschild business areas and recent deals.

NMR Marketing Materials, publications, 2008-2009

000/2605, 1 folder

Rothschild marketing brochures published in the wake of the financial crisis of 2008: Rothschild Debt Advisory Steering clients through the debt landscape, October 2008; Rothschild M&A Stability through challenging times, January 2009.

NMR Marketing Materials, publications, 2011-2013

000/2065, 1 box

Rothschild corporate brochures and marketing materials from various departments: example of presentation slipcase (empty); Rothschild Global Financial Advisory: Rothschild in the Nordic Region; Rothschild Global Financial Advisory: Rothschild's Financial Institutions coverage in Asia; Rothschild Global Financial Advisory: Rothschild in Russia (English version and Russian version); Rothschild Global Financial Advisory: Rothschild in the Middle East; Rothschild  Global Financial Advisory: This is Rothschild; Rothschild: Delivering for Oil and Gas clients; Rothschild: Consumer Advisory; Rothschild: Global Financial Advisory: Leading in financial advice, worldwide; Rothschild Global Financial Advisory Japan; Rothschild 2011 highlights; Rothschild in the United Kingdom: Leading in financial advice worldwide; Rothschild in China and North Asia; Rothschild in North America; 2013 economic, political and shareholder themes; 2012 review; Rothschild in Spain; Rothschild in France; Rothschild in Latin America; Rothschild in South Africa, Rothschild in the Netherlands; Expertise in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Rothschild Group, Marketing Materials, publications, 2013-2014

000/2220, 1 file

Rothschild corporate brochures 2013-2014: Investment Management for CharitiesInvestment Quarterly,Q2, 2013; Rothschild Trust Review, October 2013; Rothschild Quarterly Letter, Issue 1, January 2014; Rothschild Quarterly Letter, Issue 5, January 2015; Rothschild Quarterly Letter, Issue 6, April 2015; Rothschild Quarterly Letter, Issue 7, July 2015; Rothschild Quarterly Letter, Issue 8, October 2015; Rothschild Quarterly Letter, Issue 9, January 2016; Rothschild Quarterly Letter, Issue 10, April 2016; New Court Fund, Quarterly report, Issue 9, January 2014; TM New Court Fund, Quarterley Report, Issue 16, October 2015; Rothschild Market Perspective, Issue 59, February 2014.

Rothschild & Co., Marketing Materials, publications, 2015-2018

000/2467, 1 file

Rothschild Group and Rothschild & Co.: marketing and promotional booklets, flyers and leaflets etc, published 2015-2018: Rothschild in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (GFA), Feb 2015; Rothschild in Africa (GFA), May 2016; Rothschild Global Advisory, June 2016; ; Lettre Trimestrielle, (Rothschild Patrimone), April 2017; Expertise in the UK and Ireland, Sept 2017; Rothschild and China (English version), Sept 2017; Rothschild and China (Mandarin version), Sept 2017; Market perspective, Dec 2017/Jan 2018; Set of presentation covers, featuring images from the Archive used by UK and Switzerland offices and available to all Rothschild & Co. offices, 2015-2017.