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Davidson, M.

XI/38/81A, 1 box

Meyer Davidson was Nathan Mayer's brother-in-law, having married Jessy Barent Cohen. Benjamin, Lionel and Nathaniel Davidson were his sons. From 1814, from his base in Amsterdam, Davidson handled the purchase and shipment of coin for Wellington's troops, which is the main subject matter of this small collection of letters. As a family member, Davidson was able to act as a mediator between Nathan and his brothers, who were regularly upset by Nathan's harsh words about their business capabilities. This correspondence contains some examples of his attempts at diplomacy. An English translation of this small series is available.


List of available records

1814 Letters Received: Davidson: M XI/38/81A
1815 Letters Received: Davidson: M XI/38/81A
1816 Letters Received: Davidson: M XI/38/81A