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Subject correspondence: Special Subject Correspondence

The various 'subject correspondence' series contain files concerning discrete pieces of business, including loans, agreements, commodity transactions, reports on business opportunities and investments, stocks and other investments.

Special Subject Correspondence, XI/111 series files, 1824-1993

XI/111/0-2495 (000/936, 000/2052, 000/2352), 820 boxes

The XI/111 series was a Special Subject Correspondence series within the Correspondence Department of N M Rothschild & Sons. In this series can be found correspondence, contracts and accounts relating to loans and issues handled by N M Rothschild & Sons, reports of business, overseas business trips and missions, proposals for new business, correspondence with de Rothschild Frères, and papers relating to other business and transactions handled by N M Rothschild & Sons. 

The files in this series, like the Affaires series, are arranged chronologically; the entire series dates from the early 19th century up to 1992. Not all files in the series have been preserved; there are gaps in the file references indicating that the missing files have not been selected. The papers are mostly in English. 

Of the c.2,400 files transferred to The Rothschild Archive London, files XI/111/1-855 are available for research; files dated later than 1945 remain closed. A full listing of available files can be found on the Rothschild Business microsite ». A Rothschild Research Forum account is required to access this site. Apply for membership of the Rothschild Research Forum here »

Significant topics covered by these files  include:

  • correspondence between N M Rothschild & Sons de Rothschild Frères, Paris, 1919-1930;
  • correspondence with and about the firm of August Belmont, New York. The relationship between Rothschilds and this firm was terminated in 1925; 
  • a large number of files relating to business in Brazil. Many of these files contain memoranda from N M Rothschild & Sons agent Henry Lynch, and are full of astute political observations.   
  • notes of visits by senior members of N M Rothschild & Sons, reporting on business links, two by Mr Stephany in 1925 are to New York and Madrid;  
  • correspondence concerning loans to various governments. Many of the files contain information about loans which were finally rejected;
  • Ottoman, Turkish, Hungarian and various South American loans or potential loans are covered. 
  • files relating to Rio Tinto business are also numerous. Additionally, Rio Tinto is discussed extensively in the correspondence between N M Rothschild & Sons and the Paris house;
  • one or two files relating to Chilean nitrate.  
  • correspondence with Kuhn Loeb about various proposed business deals;  
  • correspondence about Spanish business including papers concerning the enlargement and construction of port and harbour works in Spain, 1927, and correspondence concerning quicksilver (Italian and Spanish) 1919-1922;
  • Two files in the Special Subject Correspondence series, XI/111/1941 and XI/111/1942 (000/2052) concern the building of the third New Court, 1962-1972.