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Bills Payable Department: sundry papers

Bills Payable Department: Accepting Houses Committee papers, 1914-1916

IV/23/1, 1 box

Moratorium: proclamations and papers issued by the Accepting Houses Committee, August 1914- September 1916. An accepting house was a primarily British institution which specialised in the acceptance and guarantee of bills of exchange thereby facilitating the lending of money. They took on other functions as the use of bills declined, returning to their original wider function of merchant banking. The 'Accepting Houses' in the City of London had representation in Westminster by the Accepting Houses Committee which ensured policy coordination between them, the UK Treasury and the Bank of England. Bills endorsed by members of the Committee were originally eligible for rediscount at the Bank of England, although this right was eventually extended to other banks in the UK and abroad. The term accepting house was more of an indication of status rather than function.