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Dividend Ledgers

Dividends to Receive Books, 1821-1957

VIII/26/1-28, 28 volumes

The early volumes in this series are slightly different from the main series. The first volume is a list of due dates of stock for various individuals, mainly family, arranged in chronological order. Volumes 2 to 5, marked A to D, are indexed volumes of persons to whom dividends are payable. The title of the series changes to become Dividends to Receive Books, Bank of England from volume 6.

28 records available

Dividends to Receive Inscribed Stock, 1864-1935

VIII/27/1-3, 3 volumes

This series is similar in format and purpose to the one listed above.

3 records available

Dividends to Receive Quarterly Books, 1884-1907

VIII/28/1, 1 volume

A single volume recording dividends to receive.

1 record available