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Sundry papers

Dividend Department, sundry papers, 1886-1951

000/2228, 1 file

Miscellaneous material relating to bonds and loans: list of specimen bonds kept in the Bullion Room, c.1886-1961;  printer's specimens of obsolete scrip, pre-1945, sample water-marked paper for Brazilian coupons, 1957, sample water-marked paper for bills, 1951; specimens of Rothschild cheques; stock certificate for the Winnipeg Paint and Glass Company; stock certificate for British Colombia Breweries Limited.

Dividend Department, sundry papers, c.1870-1991

000/1131, 13 boxes

Files transferred from the NMR Paying Agents' Department, relating to loans from the 1870s to 1991. Much of the material consists of official notices, press concerning loans, and instructions to staff on dealing with claims, and includes advertisements and newspaper cuttings 1899-1925; 1973-1989, information notices c.1890-c.1920; official notices c.1890- c.1940; newspaper cuttings 1934-1956; papers concerning Notarial Acts: Brazilian Funding Bonds, Brazilian Stock, 1927-1936 (NMR series 208: 208/27-30); papers concerning Notarial Acts: Chilian Loans, 1886-1979 (NMR series 209: 209/1A-16); papers concerning Notarial Acts: Hungarian Loans, 1928-1929 (NMR series 277: 277/11); papers concerning Notarial Acts: Hungarian Loans, 1948-1984 (NMR series 297: 297-1-3). Papers dated later than 1945 are closed.

Dividend Department, sundry papers , 1895-1923

000/1785, 5 items

Bundle of material, possibly from the Dividend/Coupon Department concerning dividend payments:  box containing ashes of: Brazil 5% bond 1895 and Brazil 4% bonds, 1899;  box containing ashes of Brazil 4% bond, 1899; 200 scrip coupons for the Hungarian 4½% bond issue, 1914, surrendered by Star Assurance Society; two coupons, due 1 January 1917, of Russian railway bonds (2nd series) found in Le Havre and handed to NMR by the British military authorities.  'To be handed over to owner upon satisfactory proof of ownership'.  Sealed envelope, dated 2 October 1918; Denver & Rio Grande Railway Coupons, belonging to Miss Charlotte de Wertheimstein with a note ‘Deposited by Mr Allard Jones, 14 February 1923’. Sundry coupons for Brazilian loan issues.

Dividend Department, sundry papers, c.1914-1969

000/697, 6 boxes

Boxes of material, possibly from the Dividend/Coupon Department concerning dividend payments, bonds and documents relating to various loans: packet of ‘Konversionkasse Funf Reichsmark certificates relating to conversion of German foreign loans, denominated in Reichsmark (1933); Royal Dutch Company, sundry scrip; United States of Brazil 5% 20 Year funding Bonds of 1931, sundry scrip; United States of Brazil 5% 40 Year funding Bonds of 1931, sundry scrip; Kundenkreditbank, unissued Bonds; Tyco International Finance N.V. 5% Subordinated Guaranteed Debenture due 1984 dated 27  February 1969.