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Ashton Wold (Oundle) estate, Northamptonshire

Oundle Estate Cash Book, 1870-1876

XII/16/0, 1 volume

This volume, with an index of tenants, is a record of the rents for the estate. A loose sheet within it lists the holdings of the Oundle, or Ashton, Estate in 1867 after the Enclosure of Lutton Common.

"Farmers' Complete Account", 1882-1883

XII/7/0, 1 volume

This is a record of payments to staff on the estate in a pre-printed book. One payment of 14s.10d. is to the housekeeper, Jackson, for going to Peterborough Market with fat pigs.

Oundle Estate Correspondence, 1890-1898

XII/14/0, 1 box

The letters in this series are parcelled into two bundles. The first, 1890-1895, contains letters to Mr Allard Jones of New Court from Mr Richardson, a solicitor of New Street, Oundle, acting as agent, enclosing accounts and reports, and also letters from tenants. The second bundle, 1892-1898, consists of notes about alterations and repairs to property.