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Aston Clinton estate, Buckinghamshire

Statement of Rents, 1859-1881

XII/21/0-4, 5 volumes

This series is a record of purchases of land, with details of the vendor, the annual rent, the tenants and the properties they held. The format of the volumes is not consistent.

Private Receipts, Anthony de Rothschild, 1854-1873

XII/41/1-4, 6 boxes

Recorded here are payments for purchases of jewels and paintings, as well as payments to labourers for work carried out on the Aston Clinton Estate.

6 records available

Rebuilding Account, 1856-1857

XII/2/0, 1 volume

This volume consists of over 340 pages relating to substantial building work on the house at Aston Clinton, detailing specifications, contracts, and payments for workmen in account with George Myers, the builder.