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New Court: domestic and business

In 1809 Nathan Mayer Rothschild (1777-1836) acquired the lease of No.2, New Court for £750, as a home for his family and as the centre of his London business interests. The family moved into New Court in March 1809.  In 1865, a new building was completed on the site of the first New Court in the style of a grand Italian ‘palazzo’ to the design of Thomas Marsh Nelson, of the firm Nelson & Innes. New Court was demolished and rebuilt between 1962-1965.

This extensive series of receipts covers every aspect of business handled by the bank's clerks. 

NMR Receipts: sundry domestic and business, XII/158 series, 1815-1924

XII/158/0-68, 73 boxes

This extensive series of receipts covers many aspects of the running of New Court and expenses of the London firm. It includes property rates and taxation, and fees and payments for the maintence of of New Court. Business expenses encompasses receipts for bullion, brokers' payments and sundry professional fees. The series also includes receipts for charitable donations made by the business and members of the Rothschild family through New Court accounts.

Early receipts, c.1815-1825 record contributions made by Nathan Mayer Rothschild to the Great Synagogue and Jewish charities such as the Jew's Hospital, Mile End, and the the Church of St Stephen, Walbrook, which was next door to New Court. A receipt dated 1820 from the Royal goldsmiths and jewellers Rundell, Bridge and Rundell in London shows Nathan Mayer Rothschild of New Court, St. Swithin's Lane purchasing items of silver, and having his new family crest engraved onto pieces.

Note: these receipts are not indexed.

73 records available

NMR Receipts: sundry domestic and business, unregistered, 1896-1907; 1913-1917

000/2963, 4 boxes

These papers are believed to have been retained in the Estates Department of the Bank at New Court. These receipts would appear to have retained by a Mr Renwick, a New Court clerk who dealt with payments from the accounts of members of the Rothschild family held at New Court, and for domestic payments relating to New Court. The receipts were originally transferred to the Archive in a tin trunk from the New Court vaults: tin trunk 756, 'Receipts from 1896. No. 7. Key with Allard Jones'. Mr Allard Jones was a senior clerk at New Court, dealing with affairs of the Rothschild family, in particular matters relating to Mr Alfred de Rothschild; he was later appointed one of the executors of Alfred’s estate. The receipts were not registered into an NMR ‘Old Catalogue’ file series; other papers from the Estates Department (including similar receipts for sundry domestic purchases) were given an XII roman numeral series reference number and can be found arranged by the name of the Rothschild estate or Rothschild family member to which they refer. The receipts have been arranged into folders by year, in the order in which they were received into the Archive; each folder has been given a 000/2963 reference in the absence of an NMR ‘Old Catalogue’ roman numeral reference number. 

The Receipts cover 1895-1907 and 1913-1917 for purchases dealt with from New Court, and would appear to be related to those in the XII/158 series. The receipts cover both domestic purchases and maintenance at New Court, and the Royal Mint Refinery such as chimney sweeping, repairs, and cleaning, and printing of bonds, prospectuses and other documents. Also included are receipts for purchases on the account of N M Rothschild & Sons for charitable expenditure, such as boots for the children of the Jews' Free School.

Also included are receipts for items paid from New Court from Rothschild family accounts such as purchase and repair of jewellery by Leopold de Rothschild (1845-1917), purchase of zebras by Lionel (Walter), 2nd Lord Rothschild (1868-1937), payments from the account of Ferdinand de Rothschild (1839-1898) for subscriptions and medical bills, and for items for Waddesdon Manor payments from the account of Alice de Rothschild (1847-1922) to pensioners and friends and for items for Waddesdon Manor, payments from the account of Alfred de Rothschild (1842-1918) to friends.

17 records available