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Sundry accounts

Estate Books, 1851-1879

XII/8/0-2, 3 volumes

The volumes have individual indexes of purchases and tenants and record information for the Rothschild estates in the Vale of Aylesbury. Shown among the purchases is Dancers End, bought from Mr Parrott in 1862 and sold to the Waterworks Company in 1866.

General Outlay on Estates Books, 1869-1877

XII/9/0-3, 4 volumes

Volume 0, 1869-1879, includes a Drainage Account and a labour statement. Volumes 1-3 are indexes to the Estate Books (XII/8/0/2) and exist for 1876-1878. Purchases and tenants are listed alphabetically together with balances of accounts.

Sundry Estates Charges Book, 1853-1882

XII/22/0, 1 volume

A rough record of expenditure on repairs, charity, etc.

Statement of Rents Books, 1853-1881

XII/21/0-4, 5 volumes

Containing information on rents for the estates as well as payment for work carried out, such as fence building and root grubbing.

Tenants, 1871-1879

XII/23/0, 1 volume

An indexed volume of tenants on the estate owned by Lionel de Rothschild, ending in the year of his death.

Account Books, General Estate, 1856-1874

XII/27/1, 1 volume

This volume has an index of the accounts it contains, including an Estates General and an Expenditure on Estates account.

Payments Books, 1882-1917

XII/26/1-4, 4 volumes

Payments in these volumes are divided into sections for brothers Natty, Alfred and Leopold de Rothschild, the Chiltern Hills Spring Water Company Loan and 5 Hamilton Place.

Ledgers, 1856-1879

XII/13/0-3, 4 volumes

This series consists of four apparently unrelated volumes: Volume 0, 1856-1876, records the accounts of farms and land agents, and includes cash accounts on Estates General. Baron Lionel de Rothschild is listed under an accounts for 'Halton Dinners (Singers)'. Volumes 1-3, 1857-1879, are much smaller volumes, listing repairs and drainage costs for each farm and tenant.

Receipts and Payments Book, 1862-1880

XII/18/0, 1 volume

The payments recorded in this volume are for activities similar to the ones recorded in series XII/21, namely work carried out on the estates such as fence building and root grubbing.

Estates Receipts, Lionel de Rothschild, 1905-1907

XII/28/1, 1 box

This series records payments for building work, plumbing, legal fees etc. The percise location of the work undertaken is not recorded, so it is not clear to which estate these accounts refer.

Petty Cash Book, 1885-1898

XII/30/1, 1 volume

This volume was received into the Estates Department of the bank in 1919. The estate to which it relates is not specified.