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Bonds and Scrip

Further information about loans of the London house, together with guides to sources, and a Digital Gallery of loan prospectuses, together with examples of bonds issued will be found on The Rothschild Archive microsite, 'Rothschild Bonds'.  A Rothschild Research Forum account is required to access this site. Go to Rothschild Bonds » or  Apply for a Rothschild Research Forum account here »

Scrip for loans issued from New Court, 1823-1911

XIII/206/1, 1 box

Scrip for loans issued from New Court. This collection of documents is not comprehensive, but includes papers concerning some of New Court's earliest issues, such as the Prussian 1818 Loan, the Russian 1822 Loan and the Neapolitan 1822 Loan. An original bond certificate for the 1822 Russian loan, framed for display c.1980 will be found in 000/236.

List available

Specimen Bonds issued from New Court, 1822-1989

000/337/1-19, 20 boxes

Specimens of bonds and other loans documentation (such as shares, signed and cancelled bonds and bond coupons) issued from New Court by the London house acting independently or with other issuing houses. The first two boxes contain a 'master' collection of specimen bonds (1825-1981),  most issued by NMR providing a useful chronological overview of the bond business of the London bank. 

The remaining 18 boxes contain bonds and loan material arranged alphabetically by names of countries, then chronologically. These are the countries of the governments upon whose behalf the loan was issued, or in the case of bond issues by companies, the home country of the company upon whose behalf the bond was issued. Countries represented are: Austria; Belgium; Brazil; Canada; Chile; Czechoslovakia; Denmark; Egypt (Ottoman); Finland; France; Germany; Greece; Hungary; Italy; Japan; Luxembourg; Mexico; The Netherlands; Norway; Portugal; Russia; South Africa; Spain; Sweden; United Kingdom; and the United States of America. Included are some bonds of unknown origin, not issued by Rothschild houses. 

Most specimen bonds are stamped ‘specimen’, or ‘cancelled’ and the coupons or face of the bond has been perforated to indicate that they have been cancelled. Bonds are often elaborately engraved documents, printed in a variety of colours to differentiate between different value certificates of the same bond issue. Some also contain vignettes or scenes relevant to the bond issue, such as railway trains on railway bonds, or the view of Mount Fuji on the Japanese bonds. Many of the bonds and coupons were printed by C Whiting or Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co., London or Waterlow & Sons Limited, London; some bonds for which the Paris house was the lead, the printers are Ve Ethiova Pėrou et Fils, Paris and Imprimerie Chaix, Paris. Other bonds are printed by M.Klrallami ryomda, Budapest (Hungary); Revai-Nyowd, Budapest. (Hungary); Lith Lankhout, Den Haag (Dutch bonds); Mihchen-Giesecke & Devrient, Berlin; IMIFI, Bruxelles; Joh, Enschedė En Zonene Haarlem and Thomas de La Rue & Company Limited.

A detailed list of these specimen documents is available in the Reading Room. Papers beyond 1945 are closed to researchers.

Specimen Bonds (non-Rothschild issues), 1929-1984

000/2361, 1 file

A small collection of specimen certificates for bonds and loans not issued by the london house.

Sundry Bonds and Scrip, 1850-1965

000/583, 000/2250, 54 items

A collection of original share certificates and bonds from the NMR Archive Department. These documents were removed from the Archive and framed for display at the New Court offices and their provenance in the collection is now unknown. 000/583 is a bond for 200kr of Austrian Government 4½% redeemable treasury notes of 1914; share certificate for 500 schillings Austrian Creditanstalt Wiener Bankverein.

Sundry Bond coupons, n.d.

000/2073, 3 items

Baskets of coupons from the Loans Department, old New Court retained as examples of coupons handled by the Loans Department, in two contemporary office wicker trays and a black tin tray.