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Brazilian loans business

The London banking house of N M Rothschild & Sons has a long history of involvement in Brazil, and extensive documentation of this history is preserved in The Rothschild Archive.

Papers relating to brazilian business, including loans, will be found in many series across the collection, including loans contracts, prospectuses, bonds and scrip. Related correspondence will also be found in the Subject Correspondence series, XI/4 and XI/111. A copy of the Report submitted to the Brazilian Government by Sir Otto E. Niemeyer, 4 July 1931 will be found in XI/111/439.

Sundry papers relating specifically to Brazilian loans are listed here. See also other loans business series and records of the Correspondence Department, Banks, Governments, Railways. Copies of outgoing correspondence relating to Brazilian business will be found in records of the Correspondence Department, Brazilian Letter Copy Books, XI/142/0-14, XI/143/0 and XI/8/1-8.

Rothschild and Brazil website

Over 25,000 digital images of key archive series relating to Brazil and the wider region are available to researchers on our Rothschild & Brazil website. A Rothschild Research Forum account is required to access this site. Apply for membership of the Rothschild Research Forum here.

Brazilian loans business, Brazilian Loan, 1825, newspaper cutting, 1825

000/1183, 1 item

Copy of The Courier newspaper 12 January 1825 in which the Brazilian loan of 1825 is discussed. The article speculates on reasons for Nathan's involvement in the loan: "The connexion of Brazil  with the House of Austria, and a certain character of legitimacy which yet appertains to the Government, appear to have induced Mr. Rothschild to bestow his attention on that preferably to any of the trans-Atlantic States which formerly belonged to Spain, although these latter are essentially, with one or two exceptions, more independent than Brazil." It is believed that this newspaper cutting was sent to NMR in 1933, and retained in the papers of nthe Secretary's Department.

Brazilian loans business, sundry loan papers, 1824-1914

XIII/208/1-24, XIII/215/1, XIII/216/1, XIII/218/1, XIII/219/1-2, XIII/220/1, XIII/221/1, XI/222/1, XIII/223/1, XI/224/1, XIII/254/1-4 and XIII/255/1, 38 boxes

Papers concerning various Brazilian loans, including the Brazil Western of Minas, Brazilian Loan, Brazil Funding Bonds, Brazil Recission 4% Bonds, Brazil 5% Loan, Lloyd Brazil 5% Bonds, Brazilian 5% Loan, Brazilian 4% Loan, Brazilian 4% Loan.

Brazilian Government loans business, sundry papers, specimen forms, 1883-c.1931

000/1706, 1 box

Bundle of specimen listing forms for Brazilian bond issues. These forms were for bondholders to complete by listing their bond holdings and returning bonds and/or coupons for redemption at the end of the term of a loan or at the point of its redemption. The bundle covers bonds issued between 1883 and c.1931.

Brazilian Government loans business, sundry papers, redeemed bonds, 1883-1931

000/1712, 2 boxes

Bundle of redeemed Brazilian bonds, mostly with attached slips giving date of redemption or drawing, payment issued, and name of payee. Also small number of specimen or proof copies and redeemed 1929 Vorarlberger Illwerke 6% sterling bonds.

Brazilian Government loans business: railways, contracts, correspondence and sundry papers, 1910-1920

000/120, 1 box

Contracts, correspondence and papers concerning Brazilian Government loans and South American Railways.

Brazilian Government loans business, Brazilian government, telegrams and correspondence, 1910-1912

000/2028, 1 file

File containing copies of private telegrams and correspondence with the Brazilian government 1910-1912. (NMR ref 224/1).

Brazilian Government loans business, sundry papers, 'Brazilian Funding' notebook, 1931

000/1705, 1 volume, 1 file

Bound notebook, ‘Brazilian Funding 1931’ and various loose leaf items inserted into the volume. Notes include cost calculations for the funding operation.

Brazilian Government loans business, Brazilian 4% Loan, ledgers and couponssundry papers, 1936

000/98, 10 boxes

Ledgers and coupons concerning the Brazilian 4% loan, 1936.