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Loan Contracts, 1824-1963

000/401A-P, 19 boxes

Papers concerning most of NMR's major issues are recorded here. Although the title of this series is ‘Loan contracts’, the series contains original and copy loan contracts, agreements, deeds, loan prospectuses, correspondence, subscription lists, reports and other supporting papers and drafts of papers, such as Authorization to open subscription, authority to countersign. Papers beyond 1945 are closed to researchers.

List available

Loan Contracts, XIII/260 series, 1864-1981

XIII/260/1-286 (000/1229), 42 boxes

Files of the Loans Department in the XIII/260 concerning loans and loan contracts, including correspondence, agreements, memoranda and articles of association of sundry companies, including 'Rothschild' companies. It is not clear how the Loans Department of NMR was organised, and material relating to loans was kept by several departments or may have been collated when record were sent to the Archive Department of the bank. At some point in the 1970s-1980s the Loans Department either ceased to be or merged into the Paying Agents Department. Later papers are referenced simply by their '260' number. Papers dated later than 1945 are closed.

List available