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Egyptian loans business

Egyptian State Domain Loan, sundry papers, 1878-1893

000/96, 2 boxes, 15 bundles

An extensive set of papers concerning the Egyptian State Domain Loan of 1878 and its conversion to a lower rate of interest in 1893, including contracts and agreements and drafts of the same; prospectuses; scrip and one cancelled bond; minutes of meetings; official Egyptian documents including decrees, official gazettes; a detailed account of the royal lands being mortgaged; papers from the mixed tribunal at Cairo concerning the 1878-1879 Egyptian State Domain loan (schedules of mortagaged lands); receipts between NMR and the Egyptian government; Egyptian newspapers; legal opinion on aspects of the loan; copy of a petition against the terms of the loan; and correspondence and copy correspondence in English and French between NMR and F.W. Rowsell, the Anglo-Egyptian Banking Co., Bouteron and Tambour, de Rothschild Frères, J.R. Lorent, Lord Tenterden, Charles Rivers Wilson, G. Coulon, Minister of Finance (Egypt), the British Foreign Office, the Imperial Ottoman Bank, Bank of England, Messrs Travers Smith & Co.

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Egyptian 3% Guaranteed loan, sundry papers, 1885

000/573/13, 1 file

Sundry correspondence and legal opinion concerning the Egyptian 3% Guaranteed loan, 1885.

Egyptian State Domain Loan, sundry papers, 1889-1912

XIII/211/1, 1 box

Papers concerning the Egyptian State Domain Loan, 1878.

Egyptian Preference 3½% Loan, sundry papers, 1890

XIII/217/1, 1 box

Papers relating to the Egyptian Preference 3½% Loan, £29.4m, with de Rothschild Frères, M. A. Rothschild & Söhne, S. Bleichröder and Disconto Gesellschaft, 1890.