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Railway loans business

Railway loans business, Lombardo-Venetian Railway, sundry papers, 1860

000/395, 1 item

Poster advising on payments of dividends on Lombardo-Venetian Railway loan, 1860.

Railway loans business, Brazilian Rio Grande do Sul Railway, sundry papers, 1870-1896

000/374, 1 box

Debentures and papers concerning the Brazilian Rio Grande do Sul Railway. 

Railway loans business, Canadian Grand Trunk Railway and Canadian Pacific Railway, sundry papers, c.1870-1917

000/1738, 000/2302, 2 files

Sundry papers concerning the Canadian Grand Trunk Railway and Canadian Pacific Railway. Between 1905 and 1909, N M Rothschild & Sons issued a series of loans for the construction of the Canadian Grand Trunk Pacific Railway: the 1905  Issue of £3m Capital 3% First Mortgage Sterling bonds for the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Company; the 1905 Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Company issue £3.2m of nominal capital 3% First Mortgage Sterling bonds, and the 1909 Issue of £2m 3% First Mortgage Sterling Bonds for the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Company. (See 000/337 and XIII/230  for copies of prospectuses, bonds and scrip, and 000/401 for contracts and coprrespondencee relating to these issues.)

  • copy of an article from The Tramway and Railway World, January 1892;
  • copy of article, 'The great timber structures of the Canadian Pacific Railway' from The Railway World, June 1893;
  • original postcards, Canadian Pacific Railway train, 1909; Grand Trunk Railway station, Ottawa, c.1910; Grand Trunk Railway station, Montreal, c.1910; Grand Trunk Railway, General Offices, Montreal, 1913;
  • original map of the Grand Trunk System and connections, 1917.

Railway loans business, Chicago Burlington and Quincy Railroad Co., sundry papers, 1883

000/676, 2 files

Chicago Burlington and Quincy Railroad Company, bonds 1883 in name of NMR, 10 shares each.

Railway loans business, Compania de los Ferro-Carriles de Madrid a Zaragoza y a Alicante, sundry papers, 1884

000/2459, 1 item

Bond for shares in the Compania de los Ferro-Carriles de Madrid a Zaragoza y a Alicante, 1884. The Rothschilds helped finance and build this line. The Railway Company of Madrid to Zaragoza and Alicante (MZA) was a Spanish railway company established in 1856, which became one of the great Spanish railway companies, along with its rival, the Northern Railway Company of Spain. This rivalry came from the great financial families backing the companies; the Rothschilds for MZA and the Pereires for the North. A bond issued for the building of the line from Madrid to Barcelona can be found in 000/337/1.

Railway loans business, Midi Railway and Orleans Railway, sundry papers, 1922

000/1846, 1 file

Papers concerning the 1922 bond issue for the Midi Railway Company and the Orleans Railway Company. The file contains correspondence and copy correspondence with Morgan Grenfell & Company, and copies of prospectuses, and appears to have orginated with F. A. Ross.  Morgan Grenfell, Lazard Brothers and N M Rothschild & Sons issued the bond.