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Fourth New Court: construction, sundry papers and artefacts

In 2008, it was decided to demolish and rebuild New Court. The 1960s building was beginning to show its age and was too small to accomodate the entire staff. A new landmark building was to be erected on the New Court site. The internationally renowned architect Rem Koolhaas and his practice OMA were chosen to create a New Court for the 21st century. OMA’s vision for the fourth version of New Court was inspired by the idea of ‘heritage in the City’. The inspiration behind the new design for New Court came from the Palazzo Vecchio, home of Cosimo l de’ Medici in Florence. The Topping Out ceremony for the new building was in 2010; the fourth New Court was completed in 2011. The rebuilding of New Court has reinstated the 18th century visual connection between St. Swithin’s Lane and the Church of St. Stephen Walbrook. The interior of the building includes many references to the company's history, and inlcudes a new oak reading room for The Rothschild Archive.

Papers relating to the design and construction of the fourth New Court will be found listed below. See New Court estate: photographs for images of the fourth New Court.

The Fourth New Court, planning papers, 2004-2005

000/2466, 2 volumes

Two volumes prepared for internal business advice concerning the rebuilding of New Court: N M Rothschild: A property plan for NMR, April 2004; N M Rothschild: A property plan for NMR, Progress Report, January 2005.

The Fourth New Court, unexecuted designs, 2004-2005

000/2310, 1 box, 4 items

Material relating to unrealised designs for the fourth New Court: architects designs, plans and architectural models. These papers are closed.

The Fourth New Court, design and access statements, c.2005-2006

000/1734, 2 items

Two volumes: NMR Bank Planning Application Design Statement produced by Office for Metropolitan Architecture, (draft) c.2005; Design and Access Statement produced by Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) Stedebouw b.v. Rotterdam on behalf of NMR, September 2006. Produced in support of planning application for proposed rebuilding of New Court. 

The Fourth New Court, architect’s model, OMA, c.2007

000/2175, 1 item

The Fourth New Court, architect’s model, OMA: Large architect's model of the OMA designed fourth New Court.  In a clear perspex case, measuring 1.00m wide, 0.87m deep, 0.60m high. c.2007. The model was on semi-public display at the offices of N M Rothschild & Sons Ltd, 1, King William Street during the re-building of New Court for staff and visitors to see what the new building would look like.

The Fourth New Court, sundry planning and design papers, 2008-2012

000/2309/1-2, 4-6, 9, 1 box

Documents relating to the construction of the fourth New Court produced by Pringle Brandon, Uniform, Rothschild & Co., OMA, Bovis Lend-Lease: unexecuted designs for internal design and exhibition space; documents relating to designs and concepts, fitting out, decoration and furnishing, printed updates and progress reports issued by by the constructors.

The Fourth New Court, events, 2010-2011

000/2065, 000/2115/3, 000/2309/7-8, 3 files, 1 volume

Booklet, 'New Court', produced for the topping out ceremony for the new building, 2010; booklet, 'New Court', produced to celebrate the new building, 2010; volume containing material relating to the dinner held by Baron David de Rothschild and Baron Eric de Rothschild to celebrate the opening of New Court, 21 November 2011. 

The Fourth New Court, staff gift, commemorative ticket wallet, 2011

000/2091, 1 item

Limited edition black leather season ticket case by Anya Hindmarch, presented to all Rothschild staff between September 2011 and January 2012 to mark the occasion of the move into the new fourth New Court building. In a presentation box with a card bearing a message from Rothschild Chairman, Baron David de Rothschild and Executive Chairman, Mr Nigel Higgins.

The Fourth New Court, commissioned artworks, c.2010

000/2701, 6 items

Six large artworks, reproductions of images in the Archive collection, commissioned by OMA on behalf on NMR for hanging in the fourth New Court building. The reproductions are on large melamine-type panels, with no frames. In the event the works were not installed as intended and only one was hung in New Court.

  • Reproduction of an Autochome of the large mansion across the pond, Gunnersbury Park. (original in 000/846)
  • Reproduction of a watercolour of the construction of the third New Court, 1963. (original is in 000/2695)
  • Reproduction of an artwork by Geoffrey Fletcher of the Partners' entrance, the second New Court. (original in 000/2695)
  • Reproduction of a watercolour, the second New Court from St. Swithin's Lane.
  • Reproduction of an autochrome of Ascott. (original in 000/846)
  • Reproduction of a photograph of Gunnersbury Park: Terrace of the Large Mansion, with a gentleman in a car, believed to be Lionel de Rothschild (1882-1942) at the wheel of his 6½h.p. Bardon, by Lafayette Ltd, c.1902; (original in 000/924/9/1)

The Fourth New Court, 'New Court' films, 2008-2009

000/2309/3, 3 DVDs

DVDs of short films producd by Speakeasy for Rothschild & Co. concerning the project to rebuild New Court: 

  • Farewell New Court – Rothschild Office, 20 August 2008
  • Rothschild – Work in Progress, 28 August 2008
  • Rothschild – New Court Documentaries, 12 February 2009

The Fourth New Court, 'New Court Documentary', c.2012

000/2499, 3 DVDs, 1 digital file

DVD 'New Court Documentary' commisioned by Rothschild & Co., as an official documentary to to tell the story of Rothschild's long association with the City, St Swithin's Lane and the buildings known as New Court and the company's plans for the future of New Court. The DVD features interviews with Rem Koolhaas, architect of the fourth New Court, and Baron David de Rothschild.

The Fourth New Court, RIBA Awards 2012, artefacts and publications , 2012

000/2621, 3 items

RIBA Awards 2012: awards given by the Royal Institute of British Architects for architecture:

  • Award given to the Fourth New Court building by RIBA: Heavy metal wall plaque 'Royal Institute of British Architects Regional Architecture award 2012', with RIBA crest in centre;
  • large printed certificate 'RIBA Awards' detailing the names of the architects, consultants and contractors who worked on the Fourth New Court Project.
  • Map published by RIBA/OS showing the locations of RIBA Awards for London Buildings 2012 (the fourth New Court is depicted on the cover).

The Fourth New Court, secondary sources, 'd'a magazine', 2012

000/2142, 1 item

Copy of French magazine d'a featuring the fourth New Court on cover, with a detailed article.