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New Court artefacts: William Neely & Co.

The printing firm of William Neely & Co, had a long association with the London bank, which began in 1820. Neely's produced paper, paper products, and stationery for N M Rothschild & Sons. Sundry artefacts relating to William Neely & Co.'s' work for N M Rothschild & Sons are described here.

William Neely & Co. Ltd, artefacts, printing blocks, n.d.

000/886, 1 item

Brass printer’s block with NMR shield surrounded by wreath. Possibly used by William Neely, who printed much of the London Bank's stationery.

William Neely & Co. Ltd, artefacts, brass dandy rolls, n.d.

000/571/1-2, 1 item

Examples of 'dandy rolls', used to produce the watermark on NMR paper: one brass dandy roll, in a metal frame; one dandy roll (this appears to have been cut from its from its frame). Provenance unknown, but possibly from the stationers, Neely. Neely was a well established firm of London printers, based in the City, who supplied NMR with much of its stationery for over 100 years.

William Neely & Co. Ltd, artefacts, wooden paper-making frames, n.d.

000/1540/1-4, 4 items

A set of wooden frames and moulds for making paper with an 'NMR' watermark, possibly used by Neely but origin unknown.

William Neely & Co. Ltd, artefacts, Printers’ plates for 'A Century of Finance', c.1905

000/378, 1 packet

Printers’ plates for A Century of Finance, by Jules Ayer, (William Neely, London: 1905). It is believed that this volume may have been commissioned by the Rothschild Partners to record the chronology of the London business, 1803/04 to 1904; the author, Jules Ayer was a Swiss Calvinist financier who worked for the Rothschild family, at New Court and as secretary to Alfred Rothschild (1842-1918). A plain bound version, was produced, together with a number of slip-cased presentation copies with a higher quality binding, and gold tooled detail. See 000/524 and 000/1835 for copies of the printed volume.

William Neely & Co. Ltd, testimonial presented to N M Rothschild & Sons Ltd to commemorate 150 years of mutual business, 1970

000/2256, 1 item

Testimonial from William Neely & Co (London) Ltd to N M Rothschild & Sons Ltd to commemorate 150 years of mutual business, 1820-1970.