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New Court estate: plans

The Maintainence Department and its successors, the New Court Estates Department and more recently, the Premises Department were responsible for matters relating to the maintenance of the fabric of the New Court building, and other practical matters relating to the day-to-day running of New Court.

Plans of New Court were maintained by the Maintainence Department and its successors. Plans described here relate to demolished New Court buildings, and other buildings occupied by NMR.

1, St Swithin's Lane, Plans, 1999

000/1097, 1 volume

Volume of architect’s drawings, by the Sidell Gibson Partnership for the rebuilding of No. 1, St. Swithin's Lane, 25 June 1999.

Chetwynd House, Plans, 1955-1957

000/305, 10 items

Plans of Chetwynd House: Basement, ground floor, Managers’ Office, c.1955; plans of New Court: General office, extension over Dividend Office, Managers’ Dining Room, Basement, 1957. In 1956 staff of the Dividend Office moved out of New Court across St. Swithin's Lane, into Chetwynd House, opposite. Chetwynd House was demolished in 1996.

New Court, Plans, 1857-1961

000/609, 1 box

Plans of Old [the Second] New Court: Contents of 'Box 95' from the New Court vaults. Section "E" includes plans of Air Raid Precautions measures taken at New Court during 1939.  Includes a contemporary schedule of the plans contained in the box; the numbers below (in the order of the original finding aid) refer to the numbers on the plans.

Section "A": General Plans:

  • Main Building: General: A.l. Plan of building, 1857; A.7-A.14 Eight elevation drawings, before rebuilding 1888; A.6  Elevation cross-section showing chimneys, 1888; A.5 Entrance plan from St. Swithin's Lane, 1888; A.34 Site plan 1943 (Worshipful company of Salters)
  • Main Building: Basement: A.35 Proposed alterations about 1920; A.42 Plan amended to 1951 layout; 
  • Main Building: Ground floor: A.33 Plan, 1906; A.36 Plan proposed alterations, about 1920; A.39 Plan possible future extensions, 1920
  • Main Building: First floor: A.37 Plan proposed alterations, about 1920; A.40 Plan, possible future extensions, 1920; A.42 Plan, proposed extension over general office, 1961; A.43 Plan, proposed extension over general office, 1961
  • Main Building: Second floor: A.38 Plan proposed alterations, about 1920; A.41 Plan, possible future extensions, 1920
  • Main Building: Main staircase and girders; A.31 Elevation; A.32 Plan; A.2 Details of wrought iron girders, 1861; A.3 Details of wrought iron girders, 1861, with tracing; A.4 Girder sections. Small scale drawings
  • Old Dividend Office: ceilings: A.15-A.16 two plans main ceiling; A.23 Plan of ceiling; A.19 Details of ceiling. Full size; A.22 Plan main ceiling, 1/4 scale; A.21 Plan main ceiling; A.20 Back office. Cornice full size; A.17 Timbers to ceiling; A.18 Timbers to gallery ceiling; A.26 Ceiling and floor of back office
  • Old Dividend Office: Ground floor: A.24 Plan; A.27 Elevation office fittings; A.25 Plan & elevation of lobby
  • Old Dividend Office: Gallery: A.28 Plan; A.30 Elevation of fittings; A.29 Stairs to Gallery

Section "B": Drains and Services:

  • Drains: B.l Plan of basement, 1905; B.2 Plan of basement, undated
  • Heating; B.3 Domestic boiler services; B.15 Plan of heater for air heating, 1947; B.21 Four plans. Warming & ventilating system (Van Hecke), 1861-1862
  • Lighting; B.4 Diagram of circuits for motors and batteries; B.5 Diagram of circuits for distribution boards; B.6 Plan of electric light installation. First floor; B.7 Plan of electric light installation. Second floor
  • Ventilation; B.9 Ventilation ducts in basement; B.8 Plan of plant, 1946; B.10 Arrangement of heating in General Office, 1946; B.11-B.12 Two drawings. Details of ductwork for temporary extract ventilator from kitchen, 1946; B.13 Plan of fan chamber and plant in basement, 1946; B.14 Ductwork to General Office, 1946; B.16-B.17 Two plans of revised arrangement of fan chamber and Plant in basement, 1947; B.18 Builders’ work required for air filter, 1947; B.19-B.20 Concrete base in plant room, 1947

Section "C": Party walls

  • North Side: C.6 Elevation of (Messrs. Mullens & Co.), 1938 with Form A Party Structures, London Building Act 1930 attached; C.21-C.22 Plan & elevation No. 1 St. Swithin's Lane and party wall with No. 6 St. Swithin's Lane 
  • South side: C.1-C.5 Four plans of wall, 1883, elevation of wall showing flues in wall, 1883; C.11 Plan & elevation of wall, before reconstruction 1949 and appendix F showing west wall; C.8 Plan & elevation of wall and general site plan, 1949: C.13 Elevation of wall. Scheme a 1949 with 2 photos of wall before reconstruction; C.14 Elevation of wall scheme B, 1949; C.15-C.17 three elevations of wall. Scheme D, 1949; C.9 Elevation of underpinning. Phase A, 1949; C.10 Elevation of underpinning. Phase B, 1949; C.18 Elevation of main building opposite south party wall; C.12 wall various cornice and plinth designs, 1949
  • East side: C.19-C.20 Two elevations of foundation underpinning New Court/Chetwynd House, 1953
  • West side: C.7 Plan of building adjoining New Court (37a Walbrook),1949

Section "D": Internal Alterations

  • Basement: D.2 Plan showing drains. 1891
  • Bullion Room: D.3 Plan proposed room in basement. 1906; D.4 Basement plan in connection with room. 1906; D.5 Ground floor plan in connection with room. 1906; D.6 Mezzanine plan in connection with room.  1906; D.19-D.20 Strengthening existing room. 1939
  • General office: D.1 Plan & elevation proposed gallery. 1890; D.21 Desk reorganisation layout. 1949
  • Lavatories: D.14 Ladies. First floor, 1929
  • Library: D.7  Folder containing fittings. 1919; D.8-D.10 Three plans & elevations of book cases. 1919
  • New building (1955); D.25 Layout plan of extension over Stock Office. 1955
  • No. 6, St. Swithin's Lane: D.18 New opening and steel shutters.  1938
  • Scullery: D.22 Perspective drawing; D.23-D.24 Two plans & elevations, 1951
  • Staff dining room: D.16 Plan & elevation scheme “A”, 1936; D.17 Plan &  elevation scheme “B”, 1936; D.15 Perspective drawing 1937.
  • Miscellaneous: D.l1-D.12 Two plans of coupon cancelling machine. 1922; D.13 Plan of lift and lift shaft, 1928

Section “E”: A.R.P [Air Raid Precautions] plans

  • E.1-E.2 Two strengthening plans. Refer to report by R.T. James & Partners, June 1939: E.3 Proposed measures, Plan A. Ground floor and basement, July 1939: E.4 Proposed measures, Plan B. Ground floor and basement, July 1939: E.5-E.6 Two plans. Strengthening in basement for air raid shelter, August 1939; E.7-E.8 Two plans. A.R.P. scheme in basement; E.9-E.16 Eight plans. Various girders for strengthening. (Lindsay's Paddington Iron Works), September and October 1939; E.17  Plan of iron stairway to 1st floor roof

New Court, Plans, 1990

000/1368, 4 items

Floor plans of the third New Court, prepared for the London Fire and Civil Defence Authority, Fire Prevention Branch, 18 January 1990.

New Court (and other offices), plans, 1993

000/709, 1 volume

Booklet prepared for internal Premises Department use, entitled 'NMR & Sons Ltd, Proportional Drawings'. The booklet was prepared in January 1993, and gives a set of floor plans for various offices occupied by NMR. All rooms on the plans are annotated with either the name of the Rothschild Partner or member of staff occupying the room, or the name of the department or team occupying the room, or the function of the room. Offices shown are: New Court (Sub-basement, Ground, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th floors); Number One [St Swithin's Lane] (Sub-basement, Ground, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th floors); Number Ten [St Swithin's Lane] (Basement, Ground, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th floors); Five Arrows House (Lower Ground, Ground, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th floors); Number 19 (Lower Ground, Ground, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th floors); Rothschild House (17th, 18th, 19th, 20th floors).

New Court (and other offices), Plans, c.1999

000/1465, 23 items

Floor plans of the Third New Court, No.1 St Swithin's Lane and No.10 St Swithin's Lane, c.1999: Third New Court (sub-basement, basement, ground floor, first floor, second floor, third floor, fourth floor, fifth floor, sixth floor); No.1, St Swithin's Lane (sub-basement, basement, first floor, second floor, third floor, fourth floor, fifth floor); No.10, St Swithin's Lane (basement, ground floor, first floor, second floor, third floor, fourth floor, fifth floor).