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New Court Library and successors: printed material

New Court Library

A Library, (separate from the Archive Department) was maintained at New Court, providing the Partners and senior clerks with the latest publications and banking reference volumes. It is believed that the Library was dispersed when the third New Court was built in the early 1960s, with much of its collection being sent to Exbury, and thence incorporated into the NMR Archives & Records Department. Volumes, presumed from the old New Court Library can now be found in the Archive Library collection in the Reading Room. Works published before 1900 have largely been accessioned into the Archive collection, and will be found described in the relevant sections of The Guide.

Various departments maintained collections of press cuttings, such as the Secretary's Department and the Information Department. For ease of reference they are included here.

Information Department

In the 1970s, an Information Department was created, taking on some of the functions of a Library, but also carrying out research. It became the Information and Research Department, then London Research.

New Court Library, topical press cuttings, 1931-1936

000/1600, 5 files

Files of press cuttings compiled by the New Court Library in the 1930s. It is believed that these files were collated for the benefit of the New Court partners and circulated in the Partners' Room.

  • Gold, 1931-August 1934 (1/275)
  • International Nickel Co., 1931-August 1934 (1/280)
  • Oil, 1931-August 1934 (1/282)
  • Palestine, 1933-1934 (1/283)
  • Rio Tinto, 1931-1934 (1/284)
  • China, 1934-1936 (1/296)

Information Department, 'Rothschild' press cuttings, 1961-2002

000/1547, 3 files

Files of Press articles collected by the NMR Information Department, concerning NMR and the Rothschild family: cuttings 1961-1996; cuttings 1991-1994; cuttings 1996-2002.

Information Department, 'Rothschild' press cuttings, c.1980-1990

000/1128, 1 file

Collection of obituaries and other press cuttings about the Rothschild family, c.1980-1990.

Information Department, 'Rothschild' press cuttings, 2006-2012

000/2384, 15 boxes

Press cuttings: April 2006 April-March 2012. Photocopies of press cuttings from various newspapers, magazines and publications circulated by press agencies featuring 'Rothschild' news items; most cases the cuttings have been selected by highlighting the word 'Rothschild' in any given text. The topics covered are very wide ranging and concern both business and family matters. These cuttings were circulated by the NMR Information Department to departments of the London business.

Information Department, publications, 'The International Capital Market', 1963-1978

000/1753, 14 volumes

Bound volumes collated by the NMR Information Department: The International Capital Market, 1967-1978 in 12 volumes, being monthly reports covering trends, issue prices; New Issues on the International Capital Market, 1963-1969; 1975, giving terms and conditions of new issues.

Information Department, publications, reproductions of railway maps, 1971; 1973 [1812; 1863]

000/1068/1-2, 2 items

Information Department, publications, reproductions of railway maps,

  • Langley and Belch's New Map of London, 1812. With engravings of important buildings and detailed of projected new bridges and roads. Coloured reproduction by the London Topographical Society, 1971;
  • Map of the Railways proposed by the Bills of the Session of 1863 in the Metropolis and its vicinity. Reproduction by the London Topographical Society, 1973.

'Rothschild' press cuttings: Secretary's Department and Partners' Room files, 1947-1967

000/1110 (66/1), 5 files

For many years, the NMR Secretary’s Department used the press cuttings agency Charles Barker & Co. to provide the firm with press cuttings that related to both Rothschild business and family matters reported in the national press. This folder of cuttings is believed to have been collated by Secretary's Department for circulation to the Rothschild Partners; the file is registered under an NMR Partner's Room: Private files series number. The cuttings concern both busienss matters and private Rothschild family social matters.