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Steward's Department & Pantry: sundry papers and artefacts

The Steward's Department traditionally dealt with the purchase, supply and custody of comestibles, wine and other domestic items, such as china, table linen and silverware used at New Court. The Steward was also traditionally responsible for supplying the many seasonal gifts (of food and wine) sent out from New Court to clients and business contacts.

In more recent times, the Pantry has bee responsible for these supplies and for corporate hospitality and entertaining at New Court.

Steward’s Department, Christmas Gift Books, 1909; 1912; 1931

000/318, 3 volumes

Three NMR Christmas Gifts Books (15 series) for 1909, 1912, and 1931.

15/1 Christmas Gifts Book, 1909. Lists Names and usually addresses of recipients of the Partners' annual gifts of cigars, game and fowl, fruit, etc. to NMR staff, private and domestic staff, and tradespeople.

15/2 Christmas Gifts, 'Pies', 1912. Record of the Partners' gifts of pates and pies to business associates, friends, senior NMR clerks, etc. Names and usually addresses of recipients are recorded with details of what, if anything, they received in 1911.

15/3 Christmas Gifts Book, 1931. Record of Partners' gifts of cigars, pate, turkeys given to NMR staff, tradespeople and business associates. NMR staff lists give names only, recorded alphabetically under male clerks; addresses for female staff and names and addresses of NMR Pensioners are recorded.

Steward’s Department, Plate Book, 1896

000/359, 1 volume

Small bound volume listing plate belonging to NMR compiled by Garrard & Co, 1896. 

Pantry, artefacts: cruet set, 1877

000/1911/52, 1 item

Silver and crystal cruet set with pierced open filigree design. Monogram ‘HR’. Hallmarks suggest made by GE, London, 1877. (all pieces hallmarked). Contains one silver topped mustard pot, one silver topped pepper pot, one small crystal bottle, one damaged small crystal bottle, one small crystal bottle missing. With silver gilt salt spoon with barley twist handle and silver gilt mustard dipper with crystal handle. Possibly used in the Partner's dining room at New Court.

Pantry, artefacts, silverware and flatware, c.1880-1950

000/2317, 5 boxes

A quantity of silver-plate and solid silver items, formerly used in the dining rooms at New Court: quantity of silver plate and solid silver flatware, c.250 pieces, comprising knives, forks, spoons, and other pieces of flatware of varying sizes. Most pieces monogram 'NMR' or 'RR'; silver and crystal eight-piece cruet set, mongram 'NMR'; silver bowl, monogram 'NMR'; silver plated tea pot; set of six silver fruit spoons with figured handles; two silver sugar tongs monogram 'NMR'. 

Pantry, artefacts: silverware, 1967

000/1880/2, 1 item

Silver rose water dish decorated with an outer band of reed and a central tudor rose for highlights. Hallmarked, London, 1967. Made by C J Vander Ltd, 14a, Cross Street London. The piece bears no dedication or inscription  and may have been purchased for its decorative value, and used in the dining rooms at New Court. 

Pantry, artefacts: silver cigar/cigarette boxes, c.1965

000/1911/45, 10 items

Ten small silver plate ‘New Court’ cigar/cigarette boxes, inscribed on lid with the five arrows emblem. Possibly used at New Court but may have been made as corporate gifts, as some retain their original outer cardboard gift boxes.

Pantry, artefacts: cigar/cigarette boxes, c.1965

000/1911/48, 000/1818, 000/1888, 5 items

Examples of cigar and cigarette boxes, formerly used in the executive dining rooms at New Court until the ban on smoking in public places took effect on 1 July 2007:

  • one large cigarette box, in maroon and black, bearing the crests of Carreras and Rothmans;
  • four navy [Rothschild blue] leatherette cigar/cigarette boxes with Rothschild crest in gold, used either in the dining rooms, or created as corporate gifts. 

Pantry, artefacts: humidor, 1981

000/1880/1, 1 item

Wooden cigar box (humidor) (unused) bearing the Prince of Wales' feathers and motto, and marked 29 July 1981, the date of the Royal Wedding of HRH Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer. Either purchased for use in New Court dining rooms or received as a gift.

Pantry, artefacts: company-branded water bottles, c.2012-2018

000/2767, 2 items

Examples of glass water bottles used for meeting rooms and dining rooms at New Court. By 2010, concern for the environmental impact of single-use plastics led to the re-introduction of glass water carafes for use at New Court.

  • water bottle (with stopper) used for still table water supplied to New Court meeting rooms and dining rooms, with five arrows emblem, c.2012
  • water bottle (with stopper) used for carbonated water supplied to New Court meeting rooms and dining rooms, with five arrows emblem and 'Rothschild & Co.' branding, c.2018

Pantry, sundry menu cards, 1918

000/624/2, 4 items

Sundry menu cards: it is unknown whether these were for the New Court dining rooms; they may have been prepared in connection with meals served on staff outings to the places depicted:

  • menu card with an image of the Chalybeate Spring, Tunbridge Wells, 10 November 1918;
  • menu card with an image of the Central Roman Bath, Bath, 12 February 1918;
  • menu card with an image of Haddon Hall, 13 February 1918;
  • menu card for with an image of Edinburgh  Castle and National Gallery, 15 February 1918

Pantry, office of the Senior Butler, New Court Dining Room stationery, c.1930-1960; c.2001

000/943, 2 files

Examples of blank New Court Dining Room stationery:

  • Small quantity of blank gold edged embossed cards (used for menus) printed with the five arrows logo and Rothschild coronet, c.1930-1960
  • Blank table plans for the Partners’ Dining Room, Third New Court, c.2001;
  • Blank place cards for the Partners’ Dining Room, Third New Court, c.2001.

Pantry, office of the Senior Butler, sundry papers, guest lists, 1976-1981

000/1843, 1 file

Weekly typed sheets showing hosts and guests using the directors' dining rooms at New Court, from January 1976 to December 1981. Company affiliations are given.

Pantry, office of the Senior Butler, sundry papers, 1987-2003

000/2303, 1 file

Collection of papers spanning the period 1987-2003 kept by Juan Villalba (senior butler, New Court pantry) during the course of his long career with the firm. The papers include notes and memos concerning the arrangements for dinners, signing ceremonies, receptions and other events and functions held at New Court, and notes of thanks from staff and guests.

Pantry, office of the Senior Butler, photographs, c.2012

000/2734, 21 items

New Court Pantry: photographs, c.2012. A collection of large prints of 21 professional photographs of the Pantry team at New Court. The photographs depict staff at work in the dining rooms, Sky Pavilion and kitchens, and show tables laid for dinners and events, and the work of the pantry.

Pantry, New Court Hospitality & Fine Dining, sundry menus, 2022

000/2919, 1 folder

Pantry, New Court Hospitality & Fine Dining, sundry menus:

  • Menu card for a dinner hosted by Rothschild & Co. Healthcare, Monday 20 June 2022;
  • Rothschild & Co, Whisky menu. The menu features on the cover an image from the Archive collection of a receipt for spirits supplied to Anthony de Rothschild (1810-1876) at Aston Clinton.