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Alfred de Rothschild (1842-1918)

Alfred de Rothschild (1842-1918) attended King's College School, and subsequently Trinity College, Cambridge where he studied Mathematics for two terms. It was at Trinity College that Alfred formed a lasting friendship with the Prince of Wales, (later King Edward VII). At the age of 21, Alfred became a partner at N M Rothschild & Sons at New Court. It was here that he learnt the business of banking from his father and made valuable contacts in European banking circles, and while he was perhaps in the shadow of his brother, Natty, he was keen that his voice should be heard in policy discussions. 

In 1868, at the age of 26, Alfred became a director of the Bank of England, the first Jew to be appointed. Alfred's wide social circle formed a useful source of information, much appreciated by the Paris House in particular, and also supplied a long list of private clients, including many from the world of entertainment. The finances of Nelly Melba, Adelina Patti, Arthur Sullivan and Henry Irving all received a boost through the benign intervention of Alfred. 

Alfred liked to move in diplomatic circles, and arranged numerous meetings to promote Anglo-German relations, and before the First World War he was Consul-General for Austria in London. In spite of lifelong hypochondria, Alfred survived his two brothers, and struggled on at New Court through the First World War which he had tried so much to prevent through his diplomatic efforts. A file in the Special Subjet Correspondence series XI/111 (XI/111/78) contains political telegrams and correspondence (mainly in German or code) sent by Alfred from New Court to Sir Julius Blum, Vienna and  Dr. Paul Schwabach, Berlin), 1912-1913.

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Alfred de Rothschild: sundry business correspondence and papers, 1834-1915

000/573/16, 1 file

A small cache of papers from the desk of Mr Alfred de Rothschild, including sundry business correspondence.

Alfred de Rothschild, Bimetallism Conference, Brussels International Monetary Conference, sundry correspondence and papers, 1892

000/253, 2 files, 2 volumes

Papers concerning the 1892 Bimetallism Conference, Brussels International Monetary Conference. Alfred de Rothschild attended the conference: two printed reports 1892; original correspondence of Alfred de Rothschild to his brothers, from The Brussels International Monetary Conference, 1892; typed transcripts of these letters (original ref: Partners Room 46/40).