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Leopold de Rothschild (1845-1917)

Leopold de Rothschild was the youngest of the five children of Lionel and Charlotte. He married the beautiful Marie Perugia at Gunnersbury on 19 January 1881, a marriage attended by the Prince of Wales. Leo was encouraged by his mother to persevere with his Cambridge studies, so that he could take his place at New Court alongside his two brothers. As a partner in the firm, he was as popular with the staff as he was with his acquaintances in the sporting arena, his more favoured environment.

Business papers of Leopold de Rothschild


The Archive holds little of Leopold's business correspondence; it is believed that much of his private collection of papers was destroyed by his executors in accordance with his wishes. A series of copy letters, Private Letters to the Paris House, 1906-1914 is preserved in the records of the Correspondence Department. This series consists of copies of letters sent from New Court to the cousins in Paris, mainly signed by Nathaniel, 1st Lord Rothschild (1840-1915), and occasionally supplemented by letters from Leopold or Alfred. They have survived in spite of the instruction from the first Lord Rothschild that his correspondence should be destroyed after his death, and sadly represent the only record of the thoughts of the senior partners as expressed to the sister house at this time, as no trace of the original correspondence can be found in the archives of de Rothschild Frères. The letters are concerned with political and financial developments at home and abroad, but also record family events. Go to the Correspondence Department »

Leopold de Rothschild (1845-1917): sundry papers, 1869-1907

000/92, 1 box

Papers of Leopold de Rothschild (1845-1917), including  accounts and correspondence 1907; stock certificates from de Rothschild Frères; correspondence from de Rothschild Frères, Duc d'Orleans concerning the Duc d'Aumale, 1869-1871; newspaper cuttings; correspondence and papers, 1891-1892.