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Partners' Room, Charity Accounts

Records of donations made to charities and other institutions by the Rothschild Partners.

Partners' Room, Charity Accounts, 1913-1940

000/2277, 1 volume

One volume listing 'Charity payments etc. made by Mr Lionel and Mr Anthony, 1913-1940'. The volume is arranged alphabetically and list payments made by Lionel and his brother Anthony to a wide range of individuals and institutions, mainly local and parochial. e.g. Aylesbury Museum extension, Aylesbury & District Sports Club, Aylesbury Hearts of Oak Medical Association, Association for the Improvement of New Forest Ponies, Buckinghamshire Boy Scouts, West Ealing Ramblers and Cyclists Club etc. (NMR ref 51/1).

Partners' Room, Charity Accounts, 1936-1951

000/292, 1 file

Papers concerning charitable donations of the Partners’, 1936-1951, including donations from Anthony Gustav and  Lionel Nathan de Rothschild to the Central British Fund, 1933-1940.