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Partners' Room, sundry publications

A small collection of published volumes and printed works, and folders of press cuttings retained by the Partners for reference purposes. Some items later transferred to the New Court Library, and then to the Archive.

Partners’ Room, sundry publications, 'Travels in the interior of Brazil', 1815

000/1886, 1 volume

Travels in the interior of Brazil, John Mawes (London: Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme and Brown, 1815). Copy in slipcase.

Partners’ Room, sundry publications, 'Tables of Interest', 1818; c.1900

000/320, 000/418, 3 volumes

Two copies of Tables of Interest, David Booth (London , 1818); one copy of  Tables of Interest, c.1900.

Partners' Room, sundry publications, 'A Few observations on the New Stamp Act', 1854

000/346/1, 1 item

Pamphlet A Few observations on the New Stamp Act, 17 & 18 Victoria c.83, by Reuben Browning (London: Coventry and Co., 1854)

Partners’ Room, sundry publications, sundry company reports, 1861-1887

000/1766, 4 items

Copies of reports: Articles of Association 'The French and d'Esterre Diamond Mining Company, Bultfontein Mine, Ltd' 1861; Report of the General Assembly of the Austrian Southern Railway (Sudbahn), 12th May 1887. Contains map of Sudbahn; Annual Report of the Norddeutschen Bank in Hamburg, 5th March 1886; Annual Report of the Directors of the Ungarischen Allgemeinen Credit Bank (Hungarian Credit Bank) 1886. 

Partners’ Room, sundry publications, 'Burdett's Official Intelligence for 1882', 1882

000/2394, 1 volume

Burdett's Official Intelligence for 1882 (London: E Couchman & Co, 1882). Published 'under the sanction of the Committee of the Stock Exchange', this volume is 'a carefully compiled precis of information regarding British, American, and foreign stocks; corporation, colonial, and provincial government securities; railways, banks, canals, docks, gas, insurance, land, mines, shipping, telegraphs, tramways, water works, and other commercial and industrial companies, known to the London market, and dealt in on the principal exchanges; by Henry C Burdett, Secretary, Share and Loan Department, Stock Exchange' This title was first published in 1882. It was published in 17 volumes from 1882-1898. It was succeeded by Stock Exchange Official Intelligence. 

Partners' Room, sundry publications, 'The Daily Express', [Canon City, Colorado], 1882

000/346/2, 1 item


Original complete copy of The Daily Express, [Canon City, Colorado], 3 February 1882. The paper features small article in the section ‘Foreign Bundle’ reporting that “The Corporation of London subscribed 300 pounds to the fund for relief of the Jews in Russia. Rothschilds of London and Paris contributed 50,000 each.”

Partners’ Room, sundry publications, 'A Century of Finance', 1905

000/524; 000/1835, 8 volumes

Copies of A Century of Finance, Jules Ayer, (William Neely, London: 1905). It is believed that this volume may have been commissioned by the Rothschild Partners to record the chronology of the London business, 1803/04 to 1904; the author, Jules Ayer was a Swiss Calvinist financier who worked for the Rothschild family, at New Court and as secretary to Alfred Rothschild (1842-1918). Neelys was the firm of printers and stationers used by the London house (original printing plates for the volume will be found in 000/378). A plain bound version, was produced, together with a number of slip-cased presentation copies with a higher quality binding, and gold tooled detail. 

The volume begins in 1803 stating that this is the date at which "towards the end of 1803, N.M. Rothschild removed to London", and the volume records the main loans business of the London house in chronological order. The dedication in the volume reads "To the present Members of the great House whose Financial History is here recorded, this faithful Sketch of a Century's operations is respectfully dedicated by their obliged and obedient Servant, Jules Ayer". 

  • One presentation copy in an original box (000/1835);
  • One presentation copy, a gift to Marie, Mrs Leopold de Rothschild (née Perugia) (1862-1937) from the author. Inscribed: "A madame la Baronne Leopold de Rothschild Hommage respectieux de l'auteur. Jules Ayer" (000/524/1)
  • One copy, inscribed: "To the Lady Rothschild with the author's respectful compliments" (000/524/2)
  • Five copies, of these, one copy is inscribed "With the Author's best remembrances, Jules Ayer, Aug. 1905". (000/524/3-7)

[Note: further copies available in the Reading Room. Download a complete PDF copy of A Century of Finance here »].

Partners’ Room, sundry publications, 'Report writing for Jewish charities', 1906

000/1943, 2 items

Two documents giving account-keeping and report writing advice to Jewish charities. Paper by Arthur E.Franklin, Society of Jewish Statistics, 1906.

Partners' Room, sundry publications, 'A brief history of the Benguela Railway', c.1928

000/2409, 1 volume


A brief history of the Benguela Railway, describing its construction through Angola, Portuguese West Africa, and the important role it is destined to play in the development of Southern and Central Africa, compiled and published under authority of the General Manager, Benguela Railway Company by the Publicity Agent, Benguela Railway Company, London, (London, c.1928). A manuscript note in the front of this volume indicates that it was received in the  General Office (Secretariat), NMR, 27 November 1929.There is no evidence that the Rothshilds were investors in the Benguela Railway; this booklet may have been sent speculatively to New Court, or as the result of an enquiry made by New Court about travel and opportunities in the region. 

The Rothschild family’s business interests on the African continent began in the 1880s, when Nathaniel, 1st Lord Rothschild, senior partner in N M Rothschild & Sons became increasingly interested in the investment potential of the gold and diamond mines then opening up in southern Africa. A second phase of deepening engagement by Rothschilds in African mining began in the 1930s, with the expansion of mining activities in Rhodesia and southern Africa. The Benguela railway (Caminho de Ferro de Benguela) was a railway in Angola that connected the Atlantic port of Lobito to the eastern border town of Luau. In its heyday, the Benguela railway was the shortest way to transport mineral riches from the Congo to Europe. The line proved very successful and profitable.