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Postal History Survey: project papers

Postal History Survey: project papers, c.1986-1993

000/2242, 25 boxes

Papers of The Postal History Survey, c.1986-1993. Following a preliminary survey carried out in 1986, Patrick Pearson was commissioned to search through the correspondence in the Rothschild Archive to identify, photocopy and value the more important and interesting items with stamps or postal history markings. This accession contains his findings and comprises:

  • 25 boxes containing binders holding photocopies of items from the RAL collection;
  • copy of The Postal History Survey Final Report;
  • copy of The Postal History Survey Valuation Report;
  • Key to the binders in the boxes. 


Postal History Survey: Final Report, 1993

000/1872, 1 volume

Postal History Survey: Final Report by Patrick Pearson, 1993.