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Private Client Packets

Packets kept in the New Court Vaults relating to Private Client affairs. It is believed that these papers were maintained by the Correspondence Department, NMR.

All papers dated after 1945 are closed, access to earlier papers may also be restricted. Names have been withheld; a list is maintained by the Archivists and a search may be made upon application to the Rothschild Archive.

Private Client Packets, c.1830-1990

000/124, 000/130-134, 000/137-139, 000/141-148, 000/153-161, 000/163-170, 000/238, 000/301, 000/466, 000/671, 000/1864, 000/1887, 000/2051, c.1000 packets

NMR Private Client Packets: private packets relating usually to a named individual. These packets were kept in the New Court vaults. The packets contain correspondence and papers relating to private clients and their accounts with NMR and correspondence between the executors of individuals' estates in relation to an account held at the London bank, or business transacted by the London bank. Many papers relate to deceased clients and deal with affairs relating to administration of estates. Some packets relate to notable individuals, and members of the Rothschild family and extended Rothschild family.