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Secretariat, Correspondence Files, 1 series

Papers created and held by the Secretary's Department ands Secretariat Department, including correspondence files, private letters and minutes of meetings. Files from the Secretariat Department 1 series. 

Secretariat, Correspondence Files, 1 series, c.1880-1976

1/1-1-382 (000/311, 000/313, 000/315, 000/591, 000/918, 000/927, 000/935, 000/940, 000/942, 000/952, 000/954, 000/974, 000/977, 000/979, 000/980), 285 boxes

Files from the Secretariat Department 1 series. Correspondence files dealing with a wide variety of matters and subjects. Some files concern private affairs of Mr Edmund de Rothschild and the Rothschild family and are mainly concerned with charitable donations or philanthropic support by members of the Rothschild family. Files 1/121 and 1/372 concern Rothschild family graves. Many of the files concern NMR charitable donations and correspondence with a wide range of Jewish charities, educational and cultural charities and institutions, schools and universities, medical charities, forces charities, appeals and other organisations. Two card indexes, 1/255 and 1/256, record NMR charitable donations to individuals and organisations, 1930-1971. File 1/240 includes papers concerning the Evelyn de Rothschild bequest to the Royal Bucks Hussars. [Evelyn de Rothschild (1886-1917) left £4,000 in his will to be used to benefit ‘necessitous cases amongst the men of the Royal Bucks Hussars or their dependents’].

A number of files (and a card index, 1/218) concern activities from New Court concerning Jewish refugees and cases dealt with by the Central British Fund.  Files 1/35 and 1/152 concern The Jewish Memorial Council.

File 1/13 contains papers concerning the Conjoint Foreign Committee of The Board of Deputies of British Jews, 1904-1917. [From 1886, the Board of Deputies and the Anglo-Jewish Association appointed a 'conjoint' committee of both bodies to deal with the British Government in matters concerning the welfare of persecuted Jews. Its meetings were presided over alternately by the presidents of its constituents, and its political secretary was Mr. Lucien Wolf. (for further papers, see 000/81, The Lucien Wolf collection)]. File 1/7 contains correspondence, minutes and papers concerning the League of British Jews, 1917-1952.

A single file, 1/217, contains miscellaneous items of historical significance retained in the Secretary’s Department, including Freedom of the City of London certificates for male members of the Rothschild family; a small collection of carte de visite photographs of male members of the Rothschild family; a small collection of photographs of New Court staff, c.1914 and a very early photograph of clerks and porters outside New Court, c.1880, with a key to the persons depicted; a collection of press cuttings reporting on the attempt on the life of Leopold de Rothschild, March 1912; an envelope containing typescript copy of the letter of condolence sent to the King from New Court on behalf of City bankers on the occasion of the death of Queen Victoria and the reply received from the Home Office, 1901.

A parcel of newspaper cuttings relating to Rothschild family, and business mainly 1950s-1960s, removed from 1/373 will be found on 000/591. Other files concern NMR business matters, such as advertising, publicity and marketing of NMR. A few files concern NMR branch offices in Manchester and Leeds. A single file, 1/45 contains copies of NMR Office Memoranda, 1957-1965. A large number of files concern the British Newfoundland Corporation Ltd (BRINCO), and NMR’s involvement in this large and important project. Other files concern enquiries received by NMR for general information and enquiries concerning the bank’s archives, and examples of vexatious or ‘crank’ letters received by NMR in the 1960s.

Papers concerning private affairs of the Rothschild family and all papers dated later than 1945 are closed.