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Secretariat, NMR Staff Visits Abroad, 30 series

Papers created and held by the Secretary's Department ands Secretariat Department, including correspondence files, private letters and minutes of meetings. Files from the Secretariat Department 13 series. 

Secretariat, NMR Staff Visits Abroad, 30 series, 1926-1973

000/2484, 47 boxes

Secretariat files, reports and papers of NMR staff visits abroad, 1926-1973. Visits were generally made by NMR Partners and senior managers, such as the General Manager, (Mr Stephany, Mr Davies, Mr Bucks). Places visited include cities and regions of the UK, Europe (France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Malta, Holland, Hungary), Scandinavia and Finland, the United States and Canada, South America, South Africa, West Africa, Central Africa, the ’Far East’, the ‘Middle East’, the  ‘Near East’, Bermuda, the Bahamas, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Mexico and Russia. The files are detailed, and include memoranda and notes concerning business opportunities, other businesses and companies, reports of visits, reports on businesses and companies, lists of contacts and prospects, background notes, itineraries and schedules, letters of introduction and letters of thanks. Pre-war files contain copies of cables and telegrams sent in code; often this is just a running together of words with the breaks in between them in unexpected places, but sometimes with the inclusion of code words. File 30/0, concerning visits to America of Mr Stephany in 1922  is missing; it was not transferred to the Archive. Papers later than 1945 are closed.

Further papers concerning visits of senior staff and Directors abroad 1947-1971 will be found in 000/189 and 000/190; note these papers are not part of the 30 series.