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Secretariat, Private Letters, Manager's Office, 13 series

Papers created and held by the Secretary's Department ands Secretariat Department, including correspondence files, private letters and minutes of meetings. Files from the Secretariat Department 13 series. 

Secretariat, Private Letters, Manager's Office, 13 series, (selected files), 1936-1961

000/2483, 14 boxes

Secretariat: private letters, Manager’s Office,13 series, 1936-1961. These files contain correspondence of managers of the General Office, N M Rothschild & Sons. The General Manger was a position of seniority and responsibility, and these files contain papers of Mr Samuel Stephany, Mr Hugh Davies, Mr Michael Bucks and Mr Roland Williams. The files contain correspondence, A-Z, field alphabetically within each file. The letters concern business matters including stocks and investments,  correspondence with clients and members of the Rothschild family, enquiries for information, statistics and reports, matters concerning insurance, matters concerning staffing and appointments, circular correspondence from other firms concerning appointments and changes in business premises and names, letters of introduction and requests for references. Papers covering the years of the Second World War concern the impact of measures taken during the war on business.  Some files in the 13 series of 45 files are known to have been routinely destroyed in the 1960s; regrettably these losses include the early files 13/1-13/19, covering the period 1919-1935, and 13/23-13/24, 13/26-13/28, 13/42 and 13/44. Papers later than 1945 are closed.