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Sundry papers

Secretary's Department, NMR company taxation, sundry papers, 1910-1922

000/76/3-5, 3 boxes

NMR company taxation, sundry papers concerning Super Tax, receipts, official papers and correspondence, assessments, correspondence, Super Tax journals and account ledgers.

Secretary's Department, sundry papers removed from the NMR Archive Department, 1907-1991

000/514, 1 box

Secretary's Department: box of sundry documents removced by an unknown hand from the NMR Archive Department, set aside 'on the grounds of historical interest'. These papers were removed from a number of files, and put aside long before The Rothschild Archive was created, and their original provenance is now unclear.

Includes: file of ‘Letters of interest and curiosity’, including accounts of information forwarded to the Custodian of Enemy Property, correspondence with the Finnish State Treasury, billheads and letterheads with suppliers, 1917-1930; file of ‘begging letters’ and letters seeking agency or financial backing, 1919-1931; correspondence with The British Banking Committee for German Affairs, concerning German debts after the Second World War, 1919-1950; sundry correspondence concerning South American business, 1921; file marked 'Letterheads’ containing examples of letters with interesting letterheads extracted from other files for their decorative interest (Fortnum & Mason, 1924, Maple & Co, 1923; letter written on board the RMS Aquitania, 1934, Italian Lottery tickets, 1911, Sims & Co, 1929, Triumph Cycle Co, 1926, Talbot-Stead Tube Company Ltd, 1925, Niehues & Dutting, 1930, Magyar Pamutipar, 1927); file marked ‘Items of interest’, including correspondence concerning the end of prohibition in the US, bills for travel on the Mauretania for Mr Stephany in the 1930s, gifts to British Prisoners of War, 1915 and donations to charities, c.1923-1991; sundry correspondence concerning bullion, 1925-1934; letter from Ernest Oppenheimer to Anthony de Rothschild concerning copper companies in Northern Rhodesia, 1951.

Secretary's Department, sundry papers removed from the NMR Archive Department, c.1923-1961

000/319, 1 file

The contents of an envelope marked ‘The Museum’, found in a drawer in the Company Secretary’s Department.  A random collection of sundry letters, account extracts, bills etc., c.1923-1961, kept for curiosity value.

Secretary's Department, film reels, sundry news reports, 1962

000/213, 2 items

Secretary's Department: film reels, sundry news reports:

  • BASF Magnetophonband film reel containing a copy of the BBC Tonight programme, 10 September 1962 - 'The Rothschilds';
  • Kodak film reel of an unknown CBS News report, c.1962.

Secretary's Department: papers concerning 'Heter Iska' certification, 1978

000/2504, 1 folder

Copy correspondence dated 31 May 1978 concerning 'Heter Iska', certification between N M Rothschild & Sons Limited and the Jewish community to enable them to work together. Letter in English, letter in Hebrew and transcript of text. The Heter Iska enables two Jews to complete a permitted transaction that is similar to one prohibited under Jewish law (Halacha). It was developed by Rabbis in order to structure business transactions to avoid the prohibition of ribis, the lending of money by a Jew to another Jew for interest.