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Charity papers

Since the days of the first founders, the business has been mindful of its place in the community, and the role it plays in wider society. 'Charity' has been a strand of activity that has been co-ordinated from New Court (and business houses across Europe) by the Rothschild Partners.

Here we list records concerning the work of the various NMR Charity commitees. Further papers concerning charitable donations made by NMR and members of the Rothschild family will be found in Partners' Room files and Secretariat Department, 1 series files. [Note: many of these papers are closed.]

Also listed here are papers concerning individual charitable and philanthropic endeavours by the business, and the modern successor to 'Charity' work, today's CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities.

Charity Accounts Books and Indexes, 1902-1916

VI/16/1-4, 4 volumes

These ledgers were retained by the NMR Bookkeepers Department. This short series records the hundreds of payments made to individuals and institutions by various members of the family. Volumes VI/16/1 and VI/16/3 are indexes to the series.

A later, (unrelated) series of four ledgers (NMR reference 34A/1-4) from the Bookkeepers' Department and subsequently the Audit Department, covering charity payments, salaries, wages, and other office charges, 1917-1947 will be found in 000/1653/3-6.

4 records available

Charity Accounts: card indexes, 1930-1971

1/255 and 1/256 (000/974), 2 items

Papers from the NMR Secretariat Department 1 series include two card indexes, 1/255 and 1/256, recording charitable donations by N M Rothschild and N M Rothschild & Sons to individuals and organisations, 

  • 1/255: NMR Charity Index: ‘Green Cards’: recording payments made to societies, associations etc., 1930-1971
  • 1/256: NMR Charity Index: ‘Buff Cards’: recording payments made named individuals, 1930-1971.

N M Rothschild & Sons: letter of thanks for donation made to King George’s Jubilee Trust, 1935

1/217 (000/954), 1 item

Letter of thanks to ‘The Chairman, Messrs N.M. Rothschild & Sons’ thanking the firm for a donation of £1,000 to King George’s Jubilee Trust, April 1935. These papers were kept in a file containing miscellaneous items of historical significance retained in the NMR Secretary’s Department, 1 series files.

NMR Charity Committee: The Royal Anniversary Trust, certificates and awards to NMR, 1992

000/2247, 2 items

NMR Charity Committee: The Royal Anniversary Trust, certificates and awards to NMR, marking charitable contributions made, 1992. The Royal Anniversary Trust is a charity founded in 1990 to develop a program to mark 1992 as the 40th year of Elizabeth II's reign as British monarch. The program had four goals: to celebrate the anniversary; to establish an educational award (the award which the Royal Anniversary Trust established was the Queen's Anniversary Prize); to promote cultural awareness of the development of the United Kingdom's constitutional monarchy; and to to promote commerce, industry, and the advancement of education.

  • Framed certificate presented in 1992 to N M Rothschild & Sons Limited in recognition of 'practical and substantial support for the work of The Royal Anniversary Trust and its projects'. The certificate includes printed signature 'Elizabeth R';
  • silver commemorative medallion 'The Royal Anniversary Trust' presented to N M Rothschild & Sons Limited, 1992.

NMR Charity Committee: sundry certificates and awards to NMR, 1992; 1994

000/366; 000/1484, 3 items

NMR Charity Committee: sundry certificates and awards to NMR marking charitable contributions made:

  • St Pauls Cathedral Appeal: certificate presented to NMR, 24 February 1994;
  • Plaque given to N M Rothschild & Sons Ltd in recognition of the support given to the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme, 1994.

NMR: sundry 'charity' papers: The London Marathon, 1998, sundry photographs,, 1998

000/951, 1 folder

NMR: sundry 'charity' papers: The London Marathon, 1998, sundry photographs, 1998: photographs of 'The Magnificent Seven' - Richard Thatcher, Tony Titcombe, Keith Palmer, Jackie Shrimpton, David Sullivan, Kevin Joyce and George Smythe who competed in the London Marathon, 1998, wearing NMR-branded T-shirts to raise money for charity. The  photographs are believed to have been taken by the NMR Corporate Affairs Department, from where they were transferred to the Archive.

NMR Charity Committee: sundry correspondence with the Central Synagogue, 2006

000/1689/2, 1 item

Letter from The Central Synagogue to NMR, thanking 'The Rothschild Charities Committee' (NM Rothschild & Sons Charity Committee) for their donation to The Central Synagogue, September 2006.

NMR: Charity Committee: Annual Reports, 1992; 1993; 1996; 1998-2003; 2014; 2015

000/539, 000/1845, 000/2355, 10 items

N M Rothschild Charity Committee: annual reports.

NMR: Charity Committee: events, 2007

000/1793, 1 item

Programme for a concert of opera music performed by Second Movement, 1-4 May 2007. Sponsors of the performance included The Leopold de Rothschild Charitable Trust and The N M Rothschild & Sons Limited Charities Committee.

NMR: N M Rothschild & Sons Fellowship of Mathematical Sciences, Isaac Newton Institute: sundry papers, 1998

000/656, 1 folder

Material relating to the reception and lecture on 4 June 1998 at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, recording the endowment of the N M Rothschild & Sons Fellowship of Mathematical Sciences. Copies of the speeches and photographs. In 1992, under the leadership of Sir Evelyn de Rothschild (1931-2022), N M Rothschild & Sons generously granted the Isaac Newton Institute an endowment to support visits from pre-eminent mathematicians around the world. These mathematicians give keynote seminars at the Institute and give lectures around the UK. The Fellowship continues under the 'N M Rothschild & Sons' name. A listing of all Rothschild Distinguished Visiting Fellows, together with the programmes they participated in, can be found on the website of the Isaac Newton Institute here »