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Staff Department, Staff Files, 12 series

Selected files from the Staff Department, XII series (later known as the 12 series) concerning staff employed by NMR and The Royal Mint Refinery.

Staff Department, 12 series, selected files, 1874-1915

000/2067, 1 file

File from the NMR 12 series, ref 12/1: Staff Matters: Staff records pre-1914. This single file contains papers relating to staff of New Court. It appears to have been collected in the Staff Department and kept as a record of historical interest. It contains various lists of employees, giving names, dates of service, positions held, salaries, wages, allowances and sums paid to staff, together with details of Christmas and bonus payments. There are details of pension payments and income tax payments, and drafts of terms and conditions of employment. Contains: list of salaries 1874;  list of salaries 1876; list of salaries 1879; list of salaries 1882; list of salaries 1888; list of salaries 1890; list of salaries 1891; list of salaries 1895; list of salaries 1903; list of salaries 1904; list of salaries 1907; list of salaries 1910-1911; list of salaries 1911-1912; list of salaries 1914-1915.

Staff Department, 12 series, staff lists, 1963-1991

000/2067, 1 file

Staff lists from destroyed NMR 12 series files including lists of names of NMR Pensioners (deceased), ex-employees and leavers. The lists are filed chronologically. This folder is an artificial construct and consists of pages of staff names extracted from files in the 12 series. In many cases these pages originally formed the front sheet on the inside cover of the file concerned.