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Staff Department: sundry correspondence

Sundry correspondence relating to staff matters.

Staff Department: sundry correspondence concerning 'poundage', 1843

000/624/4; 000/2307/4, 1 item

Sundry correspondence concerning 'poundage': copy letter from N M Rothschild & Sons to the Rt Hon. Henry Goulburn, Chancellor of the Exchequer, requesting permission for N M Rothschild & Sons to retain from the income tax on foreign dividends the poundage allowed to collectors and assessors, to be given out to clerks at N M Rothschild & Sons in payment for their work collecting the tax. The correspondence includes a copy of a letter from N M Rothschild & Sons to the Commissions for Special Purposes thanking them for their positive reply to the above request. The siginificance of these letters is explained further by Ronald Palin, a Rothschild clerk in Rothschild Relish (London: Cassel, 1970).

Staff Department, sundry correspondence, Mr C. Taylor, 1916; 1929

000/1854, 1 file, 1 item

Letter from Leopold de Rothschild (1845-1917) to Mr Charles Taylor, 5 April 1916, inviting him to an interview at New Court for a position in the Coupon Department, correspondence concerning the powers of Charles Taylor to sign for NMR; dark blue leather letter case, embossed with the name of NM Rothschild & Sons. Charles Taylor was wounded in the first year of the First World War, and is believed to have been employed by NMR under the scheme for employing disabled ex-servicemen. 

Staff Department, sundry correspondence, Mr A. Beresford, 1938

000/1192, 1 file

Example of a letter to Arthur Beresford offering him a  position with NMR, 7 September 1938.