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Staff memorials

Sundry papers concerning memorial services for Rothschild staff, Rothschild Directors and Rothschild Board members. These papers were not created by the business, but are listed here for convenience.

Papers concerning memorials to Rothschild family members will be found listed under their individual names in Rothschild family papers.

Staff memorials: Sir Philip Shelbourne, 1993

000/1453, 1 item

Text of speech given by Leopold David de Rothschild (1927-2012) at the memorial service for Sir Philip Shelbourne (1924-1993) on 24 June 1993. Philip Shelbourne was a lawyer and financier and Partner, NM Rothschild & Sons 1962-1970; Chief Executive, Drayton Corporation 1971-1972; Chairman, Drayton Group and Drayton Corporation 1973-74; Chairman and Chief Executive, Samuel Montagu & Co 1974- 1980; Chairman and Chief Executive, BNOC 1980-1982; Chairman, Britoil 1982-88; Kt 1984; Deputy Chairman, Panel on Take-overs and Mergers 1987- 1991; Chairman, Henry Ansbacher Holdings 1988-1991. Philip Shelbourne was a senior member of the team built up by the Rothschild family in the 1960s to transform NM Rothschild and Sons from a private family business into a player in the much more public arena involving corporate finance and takeovers and mergers. Shelbourne started his City career when he gave up the Bar to take up a partnership at NM Rothschild in 1962, and he, with Jacob Rothschild and Rodney Leach, formed a team whose intellectual capabilities were rarely matched by any merchant bank in the City in the late Sixties. Through their efforts the bank rapidly became an important force.

Staff memorials: Sir Claus Moser, 2016

000/2369, 1 folder

Copies of a concert programme 'A Concert to Celebrate the Life of Claus Moser, Lord Moser'. The concert took place at St John's Smith Square, London on Monday 21 March 2016. Sir Claus Moser (1922-2015) served as a Director, N M Rothschild & Sons, 1978–1990 (Vice-Chairman, 1978–1984).Sir Claus Adolf Moser, (1922-2015) was a Director of N. M. Rothschild & Sons, 1978–1990 (Vice-Chairman, 1978–1984). Note: a programme and papers concerning Sir Claus Moser’s 70th birthday concert, held in the Sheldonian Theatre Oxford, 24 November 1992 will be found in 000/514/12.

Staff memorials: Ms Anne Niven Coupland (née Fairbrace), 2017

000/2421, 1 folder

Order of service for the Service of thanksgiving for the life of Anne Rebecca Niven Coupland (née Fairbrace) (1930-2017), and copy of eulogy delivered. Ms Fairbrace was for many years the Personal Assistant to Sir Evelyn de Rothschild (1931-2022) at New Court. She joined N M Rothschild & Sons Limited in 1960 as a secretary in Central Division, taking early retirement in 1982.

Staff memorials: James Fairbarin, 2022

000/2768, 1 item

Copy of the Order of service and tributes given at the Service of Thanksgiving in memory of James Andrew Fairbairn (1967-2022), St Stephen Walbrook, 26 May 2022. James Fairbairn started his career in finance as a unit trust salesman for Save & Prosper before moving to Fleming and then GAM as a private client manager, before joining NMR's Wealth Management Division.