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Staff Photographs

Photographs of New Court staff. These records were not necessarily created by the Staff Department but are listed here for convenience.

The earliest known photograph of NMR staff, depicting clerks and porters outside New Court, c.1880 (together with key naming those depicted) together with photographs of staff taken in 1914, and carte de visite photographs of male members of the Rothschild family will be found in the Secretariat Department, 1 series, file 1/217. 

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Staff photographs: small photograph album, 1910-1914

000/348, 1 box

Photographs of NMR staff: small photograph album of portraits of New Court staff compiled between 1910 and 1914.

Staff photographs: NMR Annual Staff Dinner, 1930

000/1415, 1 item

Photograph of the Annual NMR staff dinner 1930.

Staff photographs: 'New Court staff' photograph albums, 1937

000/307, 000/896, 3 volumes

Three photograph albums of New Court staff at work, 1937, together with loose prints of some of photographs. Little is known about the compilation of these albums. They contain small, informal monochrome photographs of New Court staff at their desks in the second New Court. Some images are more posed than others. Some, such as that of May Gregory, switchboard operator, show staff engaged in daily tasks; others show clerks on the telephone or writing in ledgers. Each photograph is accompanied by a small oval label, upon which the staff member has signed their name in ink. The photographs would appear to be taken by an amateur hand rather than a professional photographer, although they are of high quality in composition and lighting, leading to speculation that they may have been taken by Lionel de Rothschild (1882-1942); Lionel was an accomplished photographer. However, no other evidence has come to light to support this supposition. No Rothschild Partners are included amongst the images, which would suggest that the album was a private endeavour amongst the New Court staff rather than an 'official' compilation, although the undertaking would have required the approval of the firm.

Staff photographs: NMR Seasonal Party, 1949

000/2307, 1 item

Large photograph of the N M Rothschild & Sons Christmas party, 1949.

Staff photographs: NMR Partners' and staff, c.1960

000/212, 5 items

NMR staff with Mr Edmund de Rothschild and Mr Anthony de Rothschild; NMR Boardroom with Mr Edmund at the head of table.

Staff photographs: photograph of the New Court staff taken shortly before the demolition of the second New Court , 1962

000/289/3, 000/289/3A, 000/910, 000/1916, 12 items

Copies of an official photograph of the New Court staff, taken in the courtyard of the second New Court, shortly before the demolition of the second New Court, to allow for the building of the third New Court, 1962-1965. A key to the to names of persons depicted (compiled by the Archive c.2006) can be found in 000/289/3. A framed copy (in modern frame) is accessioned as 000/289/3A.

In 1962, the bold decision was taken to rebuild New Court. Senior Partner Mr Edmund de Rothschild (1916-2009), and the Partners Evelyn (later Sir Evelyn) de Rothschild (b.1931), Mr Leopold de Rothschild (1927-2012) and Jacob (later Jacob, 4th Lord Rothschild) de Rothschild (b.1936) created a new Rothschild-owned company to undertake the development. The architect Fitzroy Robinson was commissioned and the contruction company Trollope & Colls were appointed to oversee the project. In 1962, staff said goodbye to the old New Court and left for a temporary office in City Gate House, Finsbury Square. In 1965 the staff returned to St Swithin's Lane to a building very different to that which they had left. 

Staff photographs: the Rothschild Partners and NMR staff, c.1958-1960

000/289/12, 000/289/13, 4 items

Two copies of a posed company photograph of the NMR staff with Mr Edmund de Rothschild and Mr Anthony de Rothschild, c.1958; two copies of a posed company photograph of NMR staff with Mr Edmund de Rothschild, seated around the table in the NMR Boardroom in the second New Court, c.1960.

Staff photographs: Rothschild family members 'at present employed at New Court' , 1976-1985

000/251/1-5, 5 items

Collection of photographs of 'Rothschild family members 'at present employed at New Court' (April 1985), presumed collected together for publicity puposes: Victor, 3rd Lord Rothschild (1910-1990) (b/w portrait photograph); Mr Edmund de Rothschild (1916-2009) (b/w portrait photograph); Mr Lionel David de Rothschild (b.1955) at his desk captioned on reverse 'New York, 1981', (b/w photograph); Sir Evelyn de Rothschild (b.1931) (b/w portrait photograph); Mr Leopold de Rothschild (1927-2012) (informal colour photograph), taken at Exbury.

Staff photographs: Messenger and Postroom staff, 1989-1993

000/1578, 1 file

Photographs of the NMR Post Room and NMR Messengers’ Office staff: photograph dated 'Xmas 1989'. Key to staff available. 

Staff photographs; staff of Rothschild House, Croydon, 1993

000/367, 2 items

Photograph of the staff of Rothschild House, Croydon taken just before closure of office, late 1993, with key to names.

Staff photographs: Banking Division staff, 2007

000/1956, 1 item

Team photograph of Banking Division staff taken on the steps of 'old' New Court in December 2007,  before the demolition of the building to make way for the fourth New Court. 

Staff photographs: photographs of a staff party to celebrate the move out of the third New Court, 2007

000/1925, 1 box

Series of photographs taken of a staff party, hosted by Leopold de Rothschild and held in December 2007 to celebrate the last days of the third New Court building before demolition.

Staff photographs: New Court secretaries, 2008

000/2122, 2 items

Framed photograph of ‘Third floor secretaries in New Court reception’ taken 20 December 2008. With key to persons depicted.