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Ledgers & Stock Books

Stock Books R, 1904-1918

XVI/12/1-13, 13 volumes

This series is a record of purchases and sales of stocks on the account of the firm and of expenses connected with them.

American Stock Books, 1834-1916

XVI/1/1-13, 13 volumes

The entries in this series are made in the same way as those in the series above but for American stocks only. After 1916, the entries were made in the sundry stock books.

Deposit Books, 1901-1914

XVI/6/13-16, 4 volumes

Each volume contains over 550 names of clients on whose behalf shares are handled. The series records the nature of the stock purchased and the name of the broker.

Dividend Books, 1832-1864

XVI/9/1-4, 4 volumes

These volumes are called 'Dividends Receivable Ledgers' by the compilers of the Old Catalogue. The entries record the name of the stockholder, the amount and description of the stock and the date the dividend is received.

Consols Ledgers, 1828-1864

XVI/10/1-6, 6 volumes

These volumes contain an index of names of persons, mainly family, on whose behalf the transactions are made, and record details of stock purchases and sales.

Stock Books, 1817-1881

XVI/13/1-7, 7 volumes

Variously identified as 'Stock Brokerage Account' and 'Stock Ledgers' as well as the title given here, this series records the amount of stock purchased by the firm, and the details of the broker and brokerage. Each volume has an index of stock recorded within it.

Client Stock Ledgers, 1817-1872

XVI/15/1-45, 45 volumes

Each of these volumes, with an index of client names, shows movement of stock on the individual's behalf. From 1873, the records of purchases and sales of stock made on behalf of clients are in the several series of accounts current described under the records of the Accounts Current Department (Section B).

Bill Brokerage Account, 1821-1856

XVI/8/1-2, 2 volumes

This is a record of purchases from various brokers together with a note of the bill number for each transaction. The second volume was abandoned after just one page of entries

Stock Account Books, 1822-1879

XVI/14/1-5, 5 volumes

This series records purchases and sales of stock, which is listed in the index to the first four volumes. The fifth volume is arranged in a different format, and is a much rougher record of transactions.

Rothschild Family Stock Books, 1862-1909

000/73/178, 1 box

Rothschild Private Stock account ledgers, recording stock purchased by members of the Rothschild family.