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'Worthless' stock certificates

'Worthless' Stocks: share and bond certificates, 1851-1977

000/1199, 000/1764, 000/1786, 000/2250/18-56, 11 boxes, x items

Collection of share and bond certificates, constituting 'worthless stock' owned by members of the Rothschild family and other individuals. Includes certificates for shares in gold mining ventures, railways and other enterprises, from South Africa, the USA, Brazil, Chile, Spain, France, Argentina, and the United Kingdom held in the name of Nathan Meyer [sic] Rothschild, Miriam Rothschild, Mrs Leopold de Rothschild, Anthony de Rothschild, Lionel Walter Rothschild, Randolph Churchill.  Charles, Walter, Lionel, Anthony, Nathaniel 1st Lord Rothschild; also Rothschild Nominees Ltd; members of NMR staff, and clients. Items with a 000/2250 reference were removed from the Archive collection and framed for display at New Court, c.1990.

Lists available 

'Worthless' Stocks: share and bond certificates, c.1890-1935

000/2346, 1 box

Contents of one large tin trunk from the New Court vaults, labelled, ‘Worthless bonds'. 

'Worthless' Stocks: mining stock certificates, 1887-1948

000/2084, 11 items

Eleven stock certificates. The certificates relate to presumed 'worthless' gold mining, or mining stock, some issued to members of the Rothschild family. The certificates are framed in modern gold frames, and formerly hung in the (now closed) Denver Office of N M Rothschild & Sons Limited.