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The Daily Gold Fixing: Gold Fixing Room artefacts, 'Union flags' and desk telephone, c.1980-2004

000/1395/2-3, 2 items

Artefacts associated with the ritual of the Daily Gold Fixing:

  • Two examples of the original miniature Union flag used in the Gold Fixing Room; each representative had such a flag on their desk. While the Gold Fixing negotiations were in progress, the representatives raised his flag to indicate unreadiness to settle. Only when all the flags were lowered on the table and the balance was achieved could the Chairman declare a ‘Fix’.
  • Black 1970s dial telephone handset, an example of the telephones used in the Gold Fixing Room in the 1970s and 1980s; [note: not an original Gold Fix Room artefact, but identical to the ones used].

The Daily Gold Fixing: artefacts, silverware presented to members of the London Gold Market to mark its 50th anniversary, 1969

000/1868, 14 items

Silver presentation jug, set of 12 goblets and tray presented to members of the London Gold Market on the occasion of its 50th Anniversary in 1969 from ‘Your friendly competitors of the Zurich Gold Pool (Swiss Bank Corporation, Swiss Credit Bank and Union Bank of Switzerland)’.

The term 'London Gold Market' refers to the original five companies -  N M Rothschild & Sons, Mocatta & Goldsmid, Pixley & Abell, Samuel Montagu & Co. and Sharps Wilkins  who came together to oversee the operation of the gold market in London. In 1919, it set up the first Gold Price fixing at the offices of N M Rothschild & Sons offices at New Court.

The Daily Gold Fixing: Gold Price card holder and cards, 2004

000/2353, 4 items

Small brass card holder, used to display a small card on which was written the current gold price agreed by the Gold Fixing; this stood on the reception desk of the third New Court and displayed the price twice each day; three cards which were displayed on the reception desk at New Court announcing the price of gold (in sterling, dollars and euros) agreed at the morning and afternoon fixings for the 4 May 2004. This was the date of the last price set of the Daily Gold Fixing for the last Gold Fix which took place on the premises of N M Rothschild & Sons, New Court. 

The Daily Gold Fixing: Daily Price, recorded message, [1999]

000/1395, 1 item

C60 tape recording of a recorded message announcing the gold prices agreed for the Morning Fixing and Afternoon Fixing of 12 September. This was the recorded message that enquirers telephoning N M Rothschild & Sons Limited for information about the Gold prices heard. Year not known, but prices are quoted in euros, so it must be 1999 or after; it is possibly from 2004, the last year in which N M Rothschild & sons participated in the Gold Fixing.

The Daily Gold Fixing: video of a news release, 1998

000/1087, 1 VHS cassette

VHS cassette, 'Rothschild Gold Fix - copy of Video News Release 12, January 1998'.