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Sundry papers

The Daily Gold Fixing: early correspondence, 1919

000/1096, 1 file

Photocopies of material held by the Bank of England archives: correspondence with Mocatta & Goldsmid concerning the establishment of the Gold Fixing, 1919; papers relating to South African Gold and the Gold Fixing.

The Daily Gold Fixing: secondary sources, 'The London Gold Market', 1985

000/2439, 1 item

Booklet, The London Gold Market, (Eastern Counties Printers Limited, for the members of The London Gold Market, June 1985). The booklet was published at the behest of the members (Mocatta & Goldsmid Limited, Sharps, Pixey Limited, N M Rothschild & Sons Limited, Johnson Matthey Bankers Limited and Samuel Montagu & Co. Limited) to explain how the market works, and includes information about The Fixings, specification for a good delivery bar, procedure for inclusion on the good delivery list and details of Acceptable Melters and Assayers.

LBMA and Rothchild & Co.: Gold Price Centenary (1919-2019) celebrations, sundry papers, 2019

000/2735, 1 folder

The 12 September 2019 marked 100 years to the day since the first gold price auction took place. Although Rothschild no longer plays a part in these proceedings, it was thought fitting that an event should be held to mark the occasion, and this was held as joint event between  the LBMA [London Bullion Market Association] and Rothchild & Co. and was held in the Sky Pavilion at New Court on 12 September 2019.

  • copy of letter of welcome from Ruth Crowell, Chief executive, LBMA;
  • programme of speeches;
  • '100 Gold Price Centenary' pin badge produced for guests at the event;
  • poster produced by the LBMA, 'Gold Price Centenary 1919-2019' showing a historical timeline of events;
  • copy of The Alchemist, Issue 96, January 2020, containing an article reviewing the LBMA Gold Price Centenary Seminar and Dinner, held at Goldsmith's Hall on 3 December 2019.¬†