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Private Journal, 1904-1923

VII/90/1, 1 volume

A volume listing refinery expenses, repairs, payments for delivery of bullion, assaying, refining and melting costs.

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Royal Mint Refinery Book, 1852-1854

VII/18/1, 1 volume

This volume records details of bars delivered to the refinery for melting, and includes the Melting Account, Gold, Grain and Assay Account and a Silver Account.

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Refinery and NMR Accounts, 1852-1855

VII/19/1, 1 volume

This volume contains the same accounts as those appearing in the volume above.

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Royal Mint Refinery Current Account, 1855-1856

VII/20/1, 1 volume

The major account in this volume is a Refinery Account B, which later appears in Foreign Accounts Current 6 in the records of the Accounts Current Department. This volume also records deliveries and consignments of fine silver, Portuguese crowns and refining charges.

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Royal Mint Refinery Sulphate of Copper Cash Account, 1905-1910

VII/23/2-3, 2 volumes

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