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Outgoing copy letters giving a useful account of the work of The Royal Mint Refinery will be found in Correspondence series of the NMR Bullion Department. Occasional letters from Charles Rothschild, the member of the family with special interest in the Refinery at the time, relate to mining interests in South Africa and Australia. Some of the letters discuss various refining methods. Later letters concern correspondence with the Ministry of Munitions, and war service and exemptions of Refinery staff. 

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Records concerning the acquisition of the lease of the Royal Mint Refinery may be found in the NMR Private Correspondence sundry series, XI/109. Correspondence and papers concerning the Refinery will also be found in the Special Subject Correspondence series XI/111.

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Royal Mint Refinery: correspondence, bullion letters, 36 series, 1915-1920

000/2326, 8 boxes

Correspondence of The Royal Mint Refinery in NMR series 36: Bullion letters.

Royal Mint Refinery: correspondence, 133 series, selected files, 1921-1933

000/2328, 38 boxes

Selected correspondence files of The Royal Mint Refinery in NMR series 133: Letters and telegrams, Bullion Sundry correspondence, 1921-1933.

Royal Mint Refinery: Special Subject Correspondence, 148 series, selected files, 1921-1971

000/2329, 38 boxes

Selected correspondence of The Royal Mint Refinery in NMR series 148: Royal Mint Refinery Special Subject Correspondence. The files in this series appear to be on a number of topics and constitute a series of special subject papers including correspondence with other refiners, Royal Mint Refinery staff matters, transport of gold, correspondence with the Federation of British Bullion dealers, British Industries Fairs, insurance, general memoranda, correspondence with brokers, Royal Mint Refinery statistics, annual and quarterly Bullion Reviews, import of gold, correspondence with the Bank of England, plans to develop the Royal Mint Refinery business and premises, balance sheets and profit and loss accounts, Royal Mint Refinery staff pension scheme, contracts of employment, and other miscellaneous correspondence.