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Lease agreement

The National Archives at Kew holds documents relating to the Royal Mint Refinery, including Treasury correspondence and papers concerning the lease to Sir Anthony de Rothschild, 1852-1896.

Royal Mint Refinery: lease agreement with the British Government, Parliamentary report, 1852

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The London house acquired the lease of the Royal Mint Refinery in 1852 at a significant time when gold had recently been discovered in California and Australia.  

  • Parliamentary Paper 310, May 1852 concerning 'N M Rothschild & Sons: Mint'. The report includes a copy of 'a letter from the Master of the Treasury enclosing a copy of the terms upon which it is proposed to grant a lease of the Refinery at the Mint to Sir Anthony de Rothschild, together with the terms in question; and copy of the Treasury minute of the 3rd day of February 1852, sanctioning the arrangement.'