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Press cuttings

Royal Mint Refinery: volume of collected press cuttings, 1900; 1935-1967

000/376/7, 1 volume

Album of press cuttings concerning the Royal Mint Refinery: volume entitled News Cuttings into which have been pasted articles from newspapers and journals 1900, c.1935-1967 concerning the Royal Mint Refinery. Includes some loose copies of of articles and publications. The volume is indexed, and pasted into the front of the volume is a list of 'Refining & Melting Tariffs', 1936 and a printed 'Specification of bars acceptable on the London Gold Market', 1936. At the back of the volume is a loose sheet with examples of 'Rothschild' stamps made onto gold produced by the refinery. It is presumed that the volume was maintained either at the Refinery itself or by the New Court Library.

Royal Mint Refinery: press cuttings, 'The Times Gold Number', 1933

000/376/8, 1 item

Copy of The Times 'Gold Number', 20 June 1933 featuring a front page advertisement for 'N M Rothschild and Sons, proprietors of the Royal Mint Refinery' and inside an article about the work of the RMR. Also reproduced are some of the photographs in the albums in 000/376/1 and 000/376/2.

Royal Mint Refinery: press cuttings, 'The Times Review of Industry', 1952

000/376/9; 000/1714, 8 items

Copies of The Times Review of Industry, November 1952  with article on 'Centenary of Royal Mint Refinery'. The cover illustration 'The casting of fine gold bars in the gold foundry at the Royal Mint Refinery, London, which is owned by N M Rothschild & Sons'.