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Property records

Royal Mint Refinery: sundry title deeds and property records, 1680-1690; 1737-1757; 1798-1818; 1830-1860; 1901-1970

000/399, 7 boxes

A comprehensive series of title deeds relating to the site of the Royal Mint Refinery were retained by the bank, and NMR’s solicitors on behalf of The Royal Mint Refinery. The documents have been arranged into bundles and were transferred from NMR’s solicitors to New Court in 1968, after the sale of the Royal Mint Refinery, before transfer to the Archive in 1995. This collection comprises title deeds of the properties of The Royal Mint Refinery either purchased or leased by the Rothschild business and family, with related documents. The papers include title deeds, leases, refinery insurance policies, bullion agreements and other sundry records. They also include title deeds from former freeholders and leaseholders of those properties.  The earliest deed preserved goes back to 1680. Note: There are no documents relating to the lease of the refinery in 1852 and to the purchase of the artisans' dwellings by Alfred Charles de Rothschild in 1884. The properties were acquired as follows:


  • 1 August 1853: No. 19 Royal Mint Street (formerly known as Rosemary Lane) from William J. Hall.
  • 12 October 1855: No. 23,24,25,26 Royal Mint Street and 
  • 1,2,3,4 and 5 Seven Star Court from William Cartwright.
  • 12 May 1856: No. 6,7,8 Seven Star Court from John Atkinson.
  • 16 May1856: No. 27 Royal Mint Street and 8 houses in St Peters Court from William Willats.
  • 25 August 1858: No. 20, 21, 22 Royal Mint Street from Miss Shepherd and others.
  • 1924: Purchase of Becks Rents.
  • 1935-1936: No. 28 and 29 Royal Mint Street.


  • 25 December 1853: 5 cottages in Becks Rents from William J. Hall.
  • 22 April 1863: Site of chimney shaft (formerly 3 houses in Becks Rents) from Messrs Stainton.
  • 26 September 1901: lease of the refinery.

In 1967, the site was sold to the Engelhard Industries.

List available

Royal Mint Refinery: list of property purchased, c.1880

000/717, 1 item

Envelope containing a list of Refinery Property, 'Particulars of Freehold Purchases. The list details the purchases of property made between 1853 and 1871, giving the name of the premises, the vendor and the price paid. The list was compiled in the 1880s, possibly as part of documentation collected in connection with insurance on the premises. NMR ‘Old Catalogue’ ref VII/123/1.

Royal Mint Refinery: sundry building receipts, 1896-1897

000/73/181, 1 file

Receipts for building work at 29 Wood Street.

Royal Mint Refinery: sale particulars for The Royal Mint Refinery, 19, Royal Mint Street, London, 1969

000/385, 1 file

Sale particulars of freehold of The Royal Mint Refinery, 19, Royal Mint Street, London. Jones, Lang Wooton, 4 March 1969.