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Refinery Melting Book, 1854-1856

VII/24/1, 1 volume

This volume records the deliveries of gold dust, copper sulphate and bullion bars to the refinery, showing for whose account the deliveries were made, details of transportation, the loss on melting and melting charges and assays.

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Refinery Stock Books, 1846-1914

VII/207/1-29, 30 volumes

Incorporated into this series are volumes relating to Michel Poisat's joint business with the French Rothschilds in a Paris refinery, specifically volume 1, Grand Livre d'Affinage D (1846-1848); volume 2, Grand Livre d'Affinage (1845-1847); and volume 3, Livre No. 2 (September 1846 to April 1847). Volume 1 contains accounts of construction and equipment together with the personal expenses of Poisat. A Compte d'Affinage series begins in 1852, running through to the end of 1859. A Livre d'Affinage begins in December 1860 and runs through to 1914, changing its title in 1905 to Refinery Stock Book, from which date the entries are in English. Monthly balances are produced.

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Gold Shipments, 1905-1912

VII/71/0-1, 2 volumes

The two volumes in this series provide a monthly analysis of the gold shipped from South African, Indian and Australian goldfields which was divided between the refineries of NMR, Johnson Matthey and Raphaels.

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Gold Books, 1906-1967

000/338, 130 volumes

Royal Mint Refinery Gold Books recording bars and numbers produced, 1906-1967. Note: volume for 1936 missing.