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Sundry business papers

Sundry business papers relating to the work of the Royal Mint Refinery, including registered and registered papers from NMR file series and papers concerning insurance policies.

A small number of papers concern reviews of the Royal Mint Refinery business in the 1960s, and its eventual sale to Engelhardt Industries in 1968.

Royal Mint Refinery: sundry insurance policies and related papers, 1900-1970

000/604, 000/718, 4 boxes

Royal Mint Refinery: Refinery and bullion insurance policies: sundry insurance policies and related papers:

  • sundry insurance policies on the Royal Mint Refinery, including 'Government Anti-Aircraft Insurance' against damage by enemy action in the First World War, and policies for the loss of gold. These papers were originally stored in a tin trunk 'Box 147 Refinery Insurance policies, bullion agreements and sundry documents';
  • sundry papers concerning the insurance of tin ingots: correspondence and policies with the Alliance Assurance Company.

Royal Mint Refinery: sundry registered and unregistered papers, 1905-1969

000/2035, 15 boxes

Sundry unregistered and registered papers from NMR file series relating to the The Royal Mint Refinery. Unregistered papers include copies of The Times, Tuesday June 20, 1933. Includes the ‘Gold Number’, featuring the work of the Royal Mint Refinery; blank examples of Royal Mint Refinery memo paper; papers relating to refining charges and other tariffs, 1947; correspondence leading up to and relating to agency business and sales on behalf of Royal Mint Refinery, 1949; sundry memoranda, 1933-1951; set of mounted photographs of the Royal Mint Refinery trade stand, at the British Industries fair, Birmingham, 1953.

List available

Royal Mint Refinery: lists of silver and gold received, c.1936

000/2458, 1 folder

Typed lists giving total amounts of silver and gold received by the Royal Mint Refinery each year from 1905 to 1936.

Royal Mint Refinery: catalogue of coins received, c.1942

000/1350, 1 item

Ring binder containing coin rubbings, arranged alphabetically by country, with the gold and silver content noted. c.1942; also containing a loose leaf typescript list entitled 'Silver coins received at R.M.R.' giving origin, denomination, fineness and gold content of the coins.

Royal Mint Refinery: sundry business papers, 1962-1968

000/1988, 4 boxes

Sundry papers relating to the buisness of the Royal Mint Refinery: Standard Costing and Budgetary Control Manual 1964; summary operating statements and other account statements and balance sheet 1964; blank stationary used for recording gold and silver; Standard Costing and Budgetary Control City Gate House 1964; sales and Production and Budgets 1964-1965; Royal Mint Refinery Enfield Rolling Mills Ltd 1962-1966; Refinery Accounts 1966; Engelhard Industries Ltd 1967-1968; Royal Mint Refinery Brush Clevite Company Ltd 1965-1966; Royal Mint Refinery S. Goodfellow 1965-1967; Refinery Possible Transfer of Wire Plant Dept. to Tring 1966; Plimber 1965; Schemes for altering or moving Refinery 1965-1966 includes plan of refinery and balance sheets for 1964 and 1965.

Royal Mint Refinery: sundry papers concerning the sale of the business, 1964-1967

000/335, 1 file

Peat Marwick Mitchell report into the Royal Mint Refinery, 1961; Royal Mint Refinery Balance sheets, 1964, 1965, 1967-1968; papers concerning sale of the Refinery to Engelhard Industries, 10 November 1967.